Monday, August 16, 2010

Monday's Monet Moment

I can't believe it's Monday already!!! This weekend, sadly, just flew by. We were planning a day trip to Verona by bus today, but the weather has been very iffy lately with lots of rain, so we decided not to go. Site seeing in the rain doesn't sound appealing, even in Italy.
I've been super busy the past week, and fell behind on my posting. (Knowing I had a gazillion photos that needed to be uploaded didn't help my procrastination much either, lol!!) So if you want to be all caught up on things, here's what's new:

* LOL Caturday!
* Friday Night Out!
* Thursday's Head Start Class
* Wednesday's Head Start Class - Part 1
* Wednesday's Head Start Class - Part 2
* Wednesday's Head Start Class - Part 3

I took some pretty good photos, and some blurry ones too!, trying to "capture" it all. I think Italy is something that just cannot be rushed or hurried in any way. You just miss too much and the whole experience is ruined. Leisurely. Appreciatively. Attentively. Basking in the Mediterranean glow; the sunlight that is both subdued and also more brilliant and colorful. We Americans have a lot to learn from our slower paced friends in Italy. I wonder what I'll learn today...

Make it a great week everyone!


LindyLouMac said...

Jeannie I would not worry about falling behind on posting, blogging should be a pleasure. Maybe now you are living here the way you present your blog will change. You cannot be expected to do everything! It is good to hear you sounding as if you are settling in to the way of life here, slowly but surely.

Lynn said...

Loved the Monets as always, thanks so much, HUGS

Christina said...

Love the top painting very colorful! I am off to catch up on Jeannie land.

Mighty M said...

Love the third one - Happy Monday!

Regina said...

Always love my Monday stroll thru the Jeannie art gallery...LOL!!!

Hate that you didn't get to take the tour but I'm sure it was just postponed for a sunny day. (oops..sitting to close to my keyboard AGAIN...gonna get drool in it from just knowing you are living in ITALY)


Emerald says HI and that she is getting all packed for her journey to you.

Intense Guy said...

Aahhh... Monet Monday... how the heck did it get to be Monday already???????

Deanna said...

Love the Monday Monets

Slow down and enjoy!

Have a wonderful week and I'll keep watching for more photos from the gazillion you took.


Third one was my reminds me or Venice. Enjoy only happens once in a life-time. Love you girl!

blueviolet said...

I sure love that first one!!!

AliceKay said...

Your pictures have been spectacular. I enjoy seeing them and reading about your adventures. I hope things are settling down a bit for you and I hope your furniture and your belongings arrive soon.