Saturday, August 14, 2010

Wednesday's Head Start Class - Part 2

It's very unusual to see Mary portrayed while pregnant. I thought this was a particularly lovely painting.
Interior courtyard
One of thousands of handmade tributes.
Time for a mid-morning snack! We had the very flakiest and most delicious croissants ever! Still warm from the oven and they had a light peach filling inside and almonds on the top. AND....we had amazing hot chocolate to go with them! It was so chocolately and THICK!!! Ohmygosh, I'll never be able to drink Swiss Miss again. Apparently you can get this on the economy and make it yourself. I'm getting some soon!
Trust me, it tasted even better than it looked!! And it had REAL whipped cream on top!
View on the hike to the war museum.
Vicenza's War Museum
This is crafted from a single piece of wood!
WW I gas mask
Does this look like a "tank" to you???
In the trenches
Field cot - about the only bed less comfortable than mine, lol!
This is a real guillotine blade!!
And a model - *shiver*
shot and a cannon ball
These playing cards were so cool!
The winged lion is the symbol of Saint Mark, the patron saint of Venice. Because both cities are in the Veneto province, you see this everywhere. If it's with an open bible, it means that the city or town was an ally of Venice. If it's holding a sword, it was defeated by Venice.


AliceKay said...

More beautiful pictures. I wish I could read Italian (or is it Latin?) in some of them.

I was wondering about the shrine to someone just below your courtyard pictures. Your picture shows two tables of candles on each side of the front with a bouquet of flowers in between them. The name has the O.S.M. at the end. I know these initials are for members of the Servite Order...Ordo Servorum Beatae Mariae Virginis. Just curious. (that name is rather long to hand write but i just did and will do some research later) :)

The war museum looked like an interesting place to visit. That guillotine blade sure looked menancing. I'd shiver too if I was standing there looking at it.

This is a beautiful area. Thanks for taking the time to post your pictures for us.

Lynn said...

OMG I want some of that hot chocolate!!! yummersssss...I loved this post seeing all of the old things there and the artwork of the carved wood wowsers now that is talent, and I can only imagine what those poor men went through during war time :o(

Christina said...

This looks like a very intense place to visit. I would love to see it in real life. Especially the old pictures. Photos amaze me. Send some of that hot cocoa in a box GIRLFRIEND!

Intense Guy said...

I guess Thomas really liked this part of the field trip. :)

I'm surprised they had so much WWI stuff there...

Grand Pooba said...

Is it bad that I had to go back and stare at the croussants and hot chocolate?