Saturday, August 14, 2010

Wednesday's Head Start Class - Part 1

After two days of classroom instruction, it was time for a field trip! Yay!! First on our itinerary, was a visit to Monte Berico. We arrived by bus, but were on foot the rest of the day.
What an amazing view!! It was quite hazy at the time, but on a clearer day you can see the southern Austrian Alps. So gorgeous!! Also some of the most wealthy residents of Vicenza live on the hillside going up to Monte Berico.
I want to live HERE, lol!!
Monte Berico
This is the original church. Vicenza was struggling with plague, and the Virgin Mary appeared and promised to end the plague if a church was built here. This part was constructed in three months!! Now that's motivation! The larger, new half, took 15 years!
Inside the church
This is the spot that the Virgin Mary appeared. It is said that if you touch this silver section, your prayers will be answered. By the look of the THOUSANDS of tributes, there might just be something to this!!!
I couldn't use a flash, but these hanging lanterns and incense burners were so beautiful and colorful!
Tributes from people whose prayers were answered. You see "PGR" everywhere, which stands for Per Grazia Ricevuta (for grace received). It is a thank you to the Virgin for her help.
View from inside one of the windows.
This painting was torn down by the conquering French, and torn up. This is a duplicate showing the tear lines.
This is the original painting, that was put back together and restored. You can't even tell and it's simply gorgeous!
Another gorgeous, handmade tribute. The needlework is beyond belief!!
Arch Angel Michael
This sculpture is HUGE!


AliceKay said...

Beautiful pictures of a very beautiful place. Your scenery pictures were absolutely breathtaking. :)

I am so envious of you. I would love to be there in person seeing all the beauty of that church...both inside and out. It truly is a blessed place.

Anonymous said...

Oh man I would love to say I hope to see that one day but I know I won't be able to, at least I get to see it through you, thanks for sharing :o) from the view it sure looks like there is lots and lots to see.

Christina said...

SO SO SO envious. You must have really loved that house!
Did you rub the silver part and pray to Mary? Let me know how that turns out. I am sure you were praying for household goods.

Intense Guy said...

I can tell you really liked that one home....


Yay field trips!!!

foxy said...

Thanks SO MUCH for sharing a view of Italy through your eyes. I love that you're sharing all of these photos! Take care!

Mary said...

can you FEEL the jealousy?? Keep your fingers crossed that hubby's connections will land us there after BOLC!!

blueviolet said...

I'm loving these paintings and sculptures and the architecture there is amazing. I hope you are happy!!!

Grand Pooba said...

So did you touch the silver part????