Saturday, August 14, 2010

Wednesday's Head Start Class - Part 3

This armor looks pretty heavy!
communications equipment
fire thrower
fuzzy picture of ribbons
WW II uniform
more communications equipment
Civilians hung on public trees, then shot
Definitely a warning for others...
Coming down from the war museum, I turned my ankle, and it felt like I was walking with a broken ankle the rest of the day. NOT FUN!!
These steps go on forever and ever, very steeply downhill!! I mostly just hobbled along pitifully!
Dedication for mothers everywhere!
Lunchtime! We took a very leisurely lunch and I had an icepack on my foot the whole time. By the time we finished, I felt much, much better. Thank you to our teacher Ilaria!!! Our first Italian pizza - yummy!! We had the house special, al Paradiso, with artichoke hearts, white asparagus, mushrooms, prosciutto and pepperoni. Amazingly delish!

All the frescoes never get old!! So much talent to enjoy!
The craftsmanship on this extraordinary! This is a tiny piece!!
This painting was kind of scary!!
The mirror on this piece is hundreds of years old!


AliceKay said...

Wow, that picture of the people hanging from the trees was sad. Such cruelty.

Your next picture was so different...very beautiful scenery there.

What magnificent works of art. And great job with the photography. Your camera shutter finger must have been tired by the end of the day. :)

Sorry to hear about your ankle. That must have been rough walking around with a sore/swollen ankle.

(i got lost in your blog a few times so had to jump around to find where i left off)

Lynn said...

The picture of the hanged people is very unsettling. Im glad you felt better after you had lunch and that your ankle is feeling better too I hope. I think it is neat how they call this Head Start and I think it is cool that they do that for yall :o)

Intense Guy said...

Will mankind ever know peace?

And its this yearning for a better place - that inspired all that art...

Thanks for sharing the amazing pictures - the one of the endless steps looks cool - just avoid that place if you are in a wheelchair - it would be a long thumpety thump down to the bottom.