Monday, August 25, 2014

The Birthday Continues....Time to Party!!!

After a week of presents and cards, it was finally time for Bella's bowling birthday party! What a week!!!

Birthday Girl!

Daddy did lots of bowling too! :D


Yes, she knows every single word!


Yeah. She hated it. LOL! :D

So excited for new ponies!!!

Bowling Stud!

I know some cards and packages are still enroute, so I guess we should call it "Birthday Month"! Pretty cool if you ask me!

Daddy-Daughter Day at Legoland!

As a part birthday/graduation present, Bella & Thomas went to Legoland on her first day of vacation! As legos are totally NOT my thing, but totally ARE their thing, they went alone. I stayed home and did fun stuff like party prepping, housework and laundry, lol!!! They had an amazing time, ate all kinds of junk and enjoyed themselves completely!

It was a three hour drive, so they stopped for chocolate donuts on the way!

They are both stoked to be here!!!

Holding on for dear life???

Uh oh!!

Bella giving R2-D2 some sass!!

They look pretty happy, don't they?

This kid just LOVES to pose for photos!!!