Sunday, June 21, 2009


I'm almost *gulp* ready to email the SITS Girls my nomination to be a Featured Blogger! I've wanted to for awhile now, but wasn't sure if that was know...tooting my own horn. But I've been a faithful commenter and supporter of the site for gosh, near a year now, so maybe it's my turn?? What do YOU think?? (go vote! left hand sidebar!!) (voting has ended)

So anywho, you have to submit three, and only three, posts for consideration. Only three? Out of over two year's worth?? Yikes. So I've narrowed it down to seven. Here is where you come in. Besides voting on my poll (did you do that yet???), please pick THREE of the seven, that you think are the best. In other words, pick three that will most likely convince Heather and Tiffany to pick me, lol!!! If all else fails I always have my famous chocolate castle cake to bribe encourage them with!!!

For your consideration:

Thomas leaves for Iraq 3-16-07

Mommy gets locked out! 5-18-07

Shane finds a frog 6-7-07

Waterfight with Sissy 5-15-08

Thomas comes home from Iraq 5-16-08

Purse tag 2-15-09

Building my craft center 5-24-09


Megan R. said...

I pick Thomas leaves for Iraq, purse tag and Mommy gets locked out!!! It was hard to choose, though!

kel said...

I thiink #2, #3 and the last one are a nice mix!

I haven't stopped by in so long (I am formerly "girl in the glasses.. changed to A Hesitant Housewife) your blog looks awesome!! I love, love, love the castle motif!

Debbie said...

I sent mine in quite some time ago. I think it will take us a long time to get to the top of that list! And the way it looks to me, I think they let you resubmit posts when the time comes. So many people pick very recent ones. So, just go for it! Can't wait until you are the FB!

LadyStyx said...

I like the Thomas leaves, Mommy gets locked out and the Craft Center ones.

Rosie said...

Those SITS Chicks will feature you in a snap! With your new look and great posts! They'd be silly not to. Besides! I've seen some of the featured blogs and some of them have not been blogging for long but yet they get featured. Don't hesitate another minute!!!

I like the purse tag. It's fun!

Anonymous said...

I think the Iraq would be a good awareness one and you must include the craft center! Then I'd do the last one about Bella.

Preston said...

I vote for #1, #2, and the last one as well but they do let you change your choices once you are picked. That's because a lot of time can pass from when you request to be a featured blogger and you actually become a featured blogger. But they don't feature you unless you request to be featured so get your request in girly, girl!!!

Grand Pooba said...

My votes:

Mommy gets locked out! (Hilarious!)

Thomas leaves for Iraq (beautifully written)

Building my craft center (Because I'm just like that)

Vickie said...

I like Mommy gets locked out.
The craft one:)
Thomas leaves

I also voted. Of course you should be featured at SITS!

confessionsofacountrygirl said...

I vote for Thomas leaves for Iraq, Mommy Get's locked out and Thomas comes home from Iraq.

Mimi said...

Oh honey, you're putting so much stress into this! Most of your posts are SITS worthy.

If I had to pick I'd say

Waterfight with Sissy 5-15-08

Thomas comes home from Iraq 5-16-08

Building my craft center 5-24-09