Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Just because...

A little bit of this and that...that was just sitting on my desktop! Not enough for a post by themselves, but that I wanted to share and remember.

The rising "super moon" in September. This was the last of the blood moon tetrad. Unfortunately, the eclipse couldn't be seen in South Korea, and I missed the other three living in Germany. Major Bummer!!! My poor cell phone didn't even begin to capture it's beauty, or how huge it looked in the sky. God is amazing!!!

One good part of my insomnia lately, is that I'm awake for most sunrises! They are magnificent here!!! Such vivid colors...all the reds and pinks, shades of purple and gray. The low laying clouds look like a distant mountain range, but it's an illusion. We really do have the prettiest sunrises and sunsets here!

Bella just watching a movie.
(She's getting so big!!!)

Buddy - my furry friend!

We had the most amazing rainbow recently!!! I don't remember ever seeing a full rainbow before, where the entire arc was visible. It was soooo cool and all the colors were shining brightly! There was even a partial double rainbow at one point!

Gorgeous bright colors!

Trying to show the full arc. Such a thrill!!!

Wanna know the secret to getting new bedding you don't really need? Stand there in the store hugging it tightly and don't let go!!!! Your husband will get annoyed a bit, but you'll win the standoff because he wants to keep moving, LOL!!! Then after it's securely in the shopping card, mention that none of your sheets will match the new set and quickly throw in two that will!!! *smile* After we got it home and set up, Thomas agreed that it was beautiful and was happy we got it. The sheets are soooo soft and it's a dream to sleep on know, when you can actually sleep! The set also includes two Euro shams (which we aren't using), and sheers, curtains and two valances but sadly we can't use them here. There's a spot for drapes, but there's no rod!!! I may call housing and see if they can install one. Squeeky wheel gets the oil, right???
Bad lighting - it's silver, gray and a sage green.
(And now we need a new area rug to match.....)


Rita said...

Very pretty bedding that looks soft and inviting! :)
The rainbow was cool!

Mary said...

Love the bedding...makes me want to crawl in and sleep1 :)
BEAUTIFUL rainbow! CH lived in S. Korea when he was pre-teen, and he LOVED it. :)