Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Another shopping adventure...Art Box AND Diaso!!

I had heard that there was a store named ArtBox, and naturally I had to find out what it was all about!!! It really isn't an art supply store like I was expecting, but it was fabulous anyway!!
Bella in the cab

Some wandering around...and we found it!

We found these humidifiers....which I found odd because it's already so humid here naturally, lol!
And these used water bottles! Weird!!

Super cute and super tiny clocks!

Need a fish comb, perchance???


I had seen these Japanese kits on another YouTube channel, and was so excited to see them here. But....all the directions are in Korean! They are basically kits to make these intricate candy snacks.

This one is a sushi kit...all candy!

Donut kit

Hamburger and fries kit!

Little lovies

Oh yes, a mustached bear hat - I needed one, lol!

This mascara had the HUGEST brush I had ever seen!!! It was crazy big! And now I'm wishing I had picked one up to try it, lol! Next time!

Gobs of fake eye lashes

Did I mention they had PENS?????

For some reason I didn't take a photo of our things from ArtBox! I got quite a few stickers, some Hello Kitty post-it pads and flags, Bella got a Minecraft toy....I can't think....but a ton of stuff, lol!

Since we were right there, we decided to pop over one street and visit Diaso again!
This is just part of the nail art section!
(aka shaker card refills!!!)

We weren't sure what these were, so we bought them to try. It was sort of a gross, stale-tasting roll of a puffed snack of some sort. Oh well, they were cheap anyway!

These were every bit as gross as they sound, lol!

Pastry covered leaves? Um, no. Sorry, but no.

Candy and snack display

Cell phones and their covers are serious business here!!!

Bella got cotton candy from a street vendor.

Orange trees!


More cell phone bling-bling!

Not sure if he's Pinocchio or there's a poop on his head, lol!!!

We went back into AK Plaza and found Korean dippin' dots!!!

Bella had banana split

Thomas had strawberry and I had cotton candy!

This photo was taken at Osan AFB - they had a huge Hello Kitty stand full of stuff!

Don't you wish you could come on our travel adventures with us??? *smile*

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Rita said...

Pens! Pens!
That hat was hilarious!
Those water bottle humidifiers are kind of cute, but why? When you said it is so humid there. Maybe they have a part of the year where it is super dry?
You guys are sure having fun exploring! :)