Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Setting up the new Stamping Studio!!!

The day our household goods arrived! Ugh, another move, another setting up of the Stamping Studio!!!

My Workbox...getting worse each move, but still standing!

Bookshelves...and boxes!

And more boxes!

With surprisingly little motivation...I start unpacking.
(Love my stuff; hate moving my stuff!)
(Yes, I say that every time!!!)

Ribbon nightmare!

Finding some stamps and ink pads

Putting back in the shelves I told them NOT to take out!

Imagine me looking at these boxes and saying bad words...

Another box unpacked!

Meanwhile, in the livingroom...this china cabinet is FULL of crafting stuff! Stuff I brought with me, mailed to myself, that was in unaccompanied baggage and things I had ordered. Top AND bottom completely stuffed full. And needing to find a new home in my room!

OK, so making some progress here.

I took things out of boxes and just put them on a shelf, as I didn't know where everything was going to go exactly.

Until I ran out of shelf space and started using the windowsill, lol!

Moved things around, and found Rosalina from Italy! :D

All the stuff on the floor was from the china cabinet in the livingroom. This will never end!!!

Stamp sets now in numerical order and shelves starting to take shape.

Ribbon still a mess, but I found the other stuff for this shelf.

Workbox nearly complete!

How I've felt for a couple of weeks now!!!! You'd think I'd be so happy to have my stuff that I would go all-out to finish so I could play! pain/sleep issues have been pretty bad and that completely kills my mojo! But...babystep by babystep, I'm getting there. I just close the door at the end of the day, lol!!! New photos of a completed room will HOPEFULLY be shown very, very soon!!!!


Rita said...

I totally know the baby steps routine! And the closing the door, too--LOL! It will be so nice when it is finished. Isn't it amazing how much stuff we can fit into one room? So much of it is tons of little things sorted and placed in certain spots--that nobody can really help you with, either, because you are the only one who knows where everything should go--LOL! Be waiting to see pics of it all done. :)

LadyStyx said...

Hey darlin'? Try one of these ideas on those ribbons to help keep them neat in transit. Clear wrapping tape (like Scotch) on the ends should help it keep from unraveling. However, you might lose a bit of the ribbon to the adhesive. Rubber bands large enough to go around the spool (not crosswise over the ribbon, but on top of it around the spool) might be a better idea. You shouldn't lose much in the line of product, but you might have to iron it a touch to get the crease out.

Donna Nuce said...

Hope you are feeling better soon so we can see some crafty goodness from you! Glad all your crafting goodies are here!

Welcome to the Garden of Egan said...


You are every crafters dream. Your organization is phenomenal!