Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Discovering Diaso!! (aka the Korean Dollar Store!)

We had heard about this wonderful store, but it was quite the "adventure" of trying to find it!! But we finally did and it was worth all the trouble of finally getting there! It's a two story building full of wonderful stuff...all beautifully organized and displayed, which made my crafting-OCD heart go fluttering!!!
Thomas & Bella happy to be here!!
(It was REALLY hot that day!)

Sadly, I was so overwhelmed with the awesomeness (seriously, I was in sensory overload with the variety and choices of everything!) that I didn't take ANY photos of the store. Next time!!!
The entire haul! Which I managed to "Jenga" into our wheeled shopping cart we brought!
Pocket Letter Supply Heaven!!!!

I separated the food and Bella stuff, from my stuff.

Socks for Alex!

Various masks for your face

Food picks...aka cute Pocket Letter add ins!

Post-It flags galore!!!

Metallic lace sticker strips!

Washi tapes

More flags!


These are sooo cute!

Nail art doo-dads...perfect for shaker cards!

Note pads

More stickers

Some brushes

Animal paper clips


Bunny and hedgehog clips!

Nail glitter....or is it pixie dust?? *wink*

Table topper!
It looks like lace, but it's plastic! They have TONS of home stuff and decor!

Korean Taste Test #2!

So our first, of many!!!, trips was a total success!! I had been wanting to shop on the economy for pocket letter goodies because the word was that Asian countries have the cutest stuff. And I have to agree that they do!!! get crafting on some pocket letters....!!!!!

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Rita said...

The taste test--he's brave!
I am not into the cuteness of all those little oriental critters and such but I know they are super popular. The washi tapes and flags would have been about it for me--LOL! But I know many people who would be drooling over your haul. :):)