Sunday, August 9, 2015

Our Korean far!

On our second weekend, we took the bus to Osan Air Force Base about 30 minutes away. They have a much bigger PX and Commissary, but that's not why we went! We were on a mission to pick up a cat from the shelter on post there. We did pop into the PX (or rather BX because it's Air Force!), to get a cat carrier and some supplies. We did a lot of walking on that hot day!!

Meet Buddy!

Bella getting some Buddy love!

At first Buddy was VERY attached to Thomas.
And ONLY Thomas!!!
So not fair, lol!

But he got himself straightened out and came to Momma!

Waste of money for a cat bed, lol!

Happy Mail!!!
This gorgeous card was sent to me from Deanna!!! She's amazing and I love it!

Christina sent me this incredible pocket letter, in my favorite yellow color!! Lots of crafting goodies were included in the back too. Love it!!!

Lori sent me two packages, one with these crafting goodies and one with treats for Buddy! I have the bestest friends in the world!!!

Now that we're in our apartment, and our unaccompanied baggage has arrived (a month early!), I have most of my kitchen items! So I made one of Thomas' favorites - Rosemary Balsamic Pork roast with bacon!! And it was amazing!!!!

I watched this household goods delivery from my bedroom window. This family lives on the 7th floor in the building next to us. We'll see if ours gets delivered the same way!

My driver's test study guide....which was munched on by Buddy! Thomas and I both passed our test with flying colors and now we can drive! We bought a car for $300, so now we can get around independently, which is soooo nice! Not sure if we'll keep it when the truck gets here, but the car insurance is very cheap - $45 for six months!!

A dragonfly came by to say hello! It was huge!!! I've never seen one before.

Bella is making friends!!! This is a major milestone for her, because she hasn't lived near children her age in years, and all the bullying issues she's had in the past has made her skittish. She's having a blast now!

Thomas is now the First Sergeant for Bravo Company of 304th ESB! And The Bella got to promote him!!! There was a small promotion ceremony, and then a company wide change of responsibility ceremony.

Thomas making a small speech.

Taking command of his new troops!

We provided a catered lunch from Subway, and had a cake! It was a great day!!!
Bravo Company Bulldawgs!
Thomas and Bella cutting the cake!

Thomas leaves for the field this week, so it will just be me and Bella for a couple of weeks. We will start our homeschool year, run errands, and just get settled into our new home. Hopefully our household goods will also arrive early, as they aren't projected until late September/early October!!!! Oh well, I have most of my kitchen items, and quite a few crafting items....I have my priorities straight, lol!!!


cuilliesocks said...

Hi there, Buddy is gorgeous, he looks at home already, hugs Kate x

Intense Guy said...

I was wondering what became of the cat you had.

Buddy looks like he's adopted you all and quickly too!

Intense Guy said...

Love Deanna's card! You two make really dpectacular ones!

joe tacoma said...

Note to Thomas: I've always admired and respected men like you who lead. And for your service, grazie! Ooops, that's danke! No, that's not right, either. I've got it: gamsa!