Sunday, August 9, 2015

Korean Shopping - AK Plaza!

We had heard there was better shopping by the train station, AK Plaza, so we headed there on Saturday! We were also on a mission to find the Outback Steakhouse!!! We haven't been to one since living in Georgia! It took some walking around in circles before we found it, but we did!!!
Bella's lunch

Thomas' lunch

Very "Korean" lunches...not exactly what you will find in the States, lol! You can get kimchi, but no bloomin' onions!

Afterwards we wandered around, did a bit of shopping and then decided to head home because our huge lunch was making us sleepy!

Barbie hair color??? Oh yes, "Shining Blonde", "Orange Brown" and "French Red" just sounds so appealing, don't you think???? Or perhaps some Marilyn Monroe shower gel???

Huge selection of Spam!! Spam and Ramen are very, very big deals over here!!!

Gorgeous bakery items!! They had a fancy food mall, with beautiful foods eveywhere you looked!

Bicycles everywhere!

When we decided to leave, there was a torrential downpour!!! Of course, we didn't have our brand new umbrellas with us!!! So we ran to a cab, but wound up getting completely soaked. All you could really do was laugh!

Our shopping items for the week!
I found some tea too!!!!

Items for the taste testing!!

Did you enjoy the taste testing videos?? Please let me know! Stay tuned....the adventure is just beginning over here!

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Intense Guy said...

The food looks delicious...

You could make some cards using "Shining Blonde", "Orange Brown" and "French Red"...