Sunday, August 9, 2015

Welcome to the Republic of Korea!!!

Just getting to Korea was quite the adventure... but that's another story for another post! Once arriving in Seoul, we had to get our luggage, clear customs and report to the military section of the airport. Where we waited for THREE HOURS for a bus to get to Yongsan (inprocessing point). The bus ride was over an hour long too. THEN, it took another three years hours before we got our hotel room. All of this was after a day of traveling, and a 10 1/2 hour flight. Tired much?? Oh yeah! And a tired Jeannie, isn't a patient Jeannie. Just sayin'.

Poor Thomas had to do PT at 5am the next morning, and they ran five miles!!! Ugh! Bella and I stayed in bed. And he brought us breakfast!!! What an amazing husband I have!

After a day or two, I was feeling a bit better and we walked around the hotel, shopped a little and ate at the various restaurants. Hotel restaurants are always crazy expensive, but these were off the charts!!! Still, after a month of fast food, we were grateful for real food. We didn't have these lobsters, but it was mighty tempting!!!!

Checking out the area around the hotel.

My two favorites!

Downtown Seoul in the background

As long as Bella had internet, she was happy!

Same for Thomas!

We got to the hotel on Thursday evening (so we basically lost a whole day), but were able to clear everything by Monday afternoon and were picked up for the drive to Camp Humphreys by some soldiers from Thomas' unit. We were all just so tired and Bella slept most of the way.

We really lucked out and were in our apartment by Thursday, and it is furnished with loaner Army furniture. Without a car, we had to take cabs everywhere. They aren't that expensive, but the cost adds up over time. Our very first Saturday, we took a cab to the walk-in gate, and had our first Korean travel adventure!
Walk-in Gate

TONS of restaurants!

Looks like a place for shows.

Bear claw slippers?

Oriental tanning??? So...a different shade of orange or something???

Koreans only?? Kind of rude!

Why yes, I am starving as a matter of fact!!

We popped into a convenience store looking for strange new foods!
Drinks in pouches

Chips and snacks

Various flavors of Spam!! They LOVE it!!

Ramen is VERY serious business over here!!!

Venice bakery??? No, not even close, lol!

Pretty door

"Licorice" light!

Want some goat's milk??

Thomas bought these for The Bella!

These looked amazing, but they weren't open yet.
Why serve them cold??? *pouty face*
Battered shrimp and squid


Happy Food!

All chicken should be happy!!!

We popped into this small restaurant for some take-out.

SUPER CHEAP prices!! 
About 1,100 won to $1

This Santa was a bit dusty, lol!

"Silverware" on the table!
Chopsticks and soup spoons!!!

I think we will pass on the Drunk Bus, lol!

Mexican? In Korea???

Custom leather shoe store!

That was a BIG snake!!
I'm glad it's dead!!!

Yummy lunch!

Spicy squid with rice!
And it was sooooo good!!!!

Bella eating seaweed sheet!
And she liked it!!

Time for our Korean Taste Test!

Pocket Letter treats!!

Thomas is such a sport! The video cut off about half of the items, but I didn't realize it. Oh well. This was a lot of fun to do, and something we plan on doing more stay tuned!!!


Intense Guy said...

Welcome to Korea!

Sounds like the trip there was absolutely endless!

Looks like you will be months eating at new places and new food!

cuilliesocks said...

Hello Jeanie, what fab photos and thank you for sharing them. My goodness this must be quite a culture shock after Germany, and perhaps having to leave friends, especially for Bella, but I guess that's army life, I do hope you all settle in well to your new country and more importantly your new home, hugs Kate x

ChicagoLady said...

The look on Thomas' face when he sucked on the super sour lemon square was hysterical! Enjoy all the new and interesting things to learn about your host country!

Mary Cavalier said...

I hadn't checked your blog for a while - my! how things have changed. Enjoy the adventure! Bella is growing up so much!