Saturday, May 2, 2015

Watching the solar eclipse!

Yes, this is a "little" late. As in from March 20th!! Bear with me....I'm doin' a little catch up here!!

Bella was SO excited to see a partial eclipse!
We made it part of our school day!!!

You can't really tell, but I covered the mirror with tin foil, and cut out a circle in the center. Then I angled the mirror to show the reflection on the side of the house that is in the shade during the morning hours.

While the shadow moved down and to the left along the side of the house, it never really changed shape that much. Still, it was cool to see some science with my Bellaboo!


Rita said...

Oh goodness! Couldn't see it here. So glad to see you posting!! How are you feeling? I hope things are going okay your way. :)

Victoria Zigler said...

Well, I'm glad you had fun with the science part you did with Bella, even if there wasn't a whole lot to see. You got luckier than us though... It was so cloudy here that the only reason we knew where the sun was is because we know where it usually is about that time of the day, if you know what I mean. We should have been able to see at least an almost total eclipse, but all we saw was clouds and crazy confused sea birds.

Intense Guy said...


Perhaps before you leave for Korea - you could trace the shadow on the house? :)

AliceKay said...

How cool is that!