Sunday, March 22, 2015

Spring Daddy-Daughter Dance!

Well the Big Day had finally was time for the Daddy-Daughter dance!!! Bella was soooo excited, as the original date was for nearly a month earlier, and she has her Mommy's patience, lol! Somehow we made it through the school day, then the partial solar eclipse, and then it was time to get ready!!
Bella's "up-do"!

I used paper roses from my crafting stash!

From the front.

I was coming downstairs with the camera and they were chit-chatting downstairs.

TA DA!!! :D

Showing off her Bella-rific dance moves!

I let her borrow some fancy earrings for the occasion.

Bella said that Daddy was HERS for tonight, lol!

Holding Daddy's ribbon rack as he puts his jacket together. LOTS of awards!!

Her very first corsage!

Don't they both look amazing?!?!???

Then later at the dance...

Sitting pretty!

Place setting reserved for a local fallen soldier.


Italian chicken and pasta with garlic bread

It was Bella approved! :D

Making new friends!

Cupcakes for dessert

Time to DANCE!!!!

Bella had SUCH a wonderful time!!! She's still talking about it! It's pretty great that they had the opportunity to make such sweet memories! :D


Gail said...

That's awesome!

cuilliesocks said...

Hi Jeannie, what fabulous photos of Bella and her handsome partner. She is just gorgeous and so happy, I'm so pleased she's had such a wonderful time with her lovely dad, hugs Kate x

MrsC.x said...

she looks fab-u-lous!!

glad she had a great time :)

Heidi Weaver said...

What a wonderful time they had, Jeannie! This will be one of her best memories of her childhood.

Welcome to the Garden of Egan said...

That looks like so much fun!!!
Bella has grown into such a darling little lady.

Such a great thing to be able to have this daddy-daughter time.

Intense Guy said...

Such a remarkable job with Bella's hair!

And of course, everyone looks good in a uniform - Thomas' is particularly sharp!

I hope Bella's eye is okay? It looks like it wasn't too comfortable.

Rita said...

They looked great and excited for a fun night. Bella obviously had a great time! I wondered what happened to her eye, though? It looked black and blue, poor thing!

April said...

Bella looked so beautiful! I can guarantee that will be a night she will NEVER forget!

AliceKay said...

Both Daddy and Daughter looked fantastic. Nice job with the hair, Mom. :) Bella looked like she had a great time. I'm happy the evening turned out so well. She'll remember it always. :)

Mary Cavalier said...

Looks like a wonderful evening you all will remember for a long time.

Christina Wernstrum said...

Everything looked spectacular and a lot of fun. Good use of your craft stash too!