Sunday, May 3, 2015

Nurnberg Easter Market 2015

We've been to Nurnberg many times, but we hadn't been to their Easter market before. With our last Easter in Germany upon us, we thought it might be a good time to go see one, lol! I was also on the hunt for hand painted Easter eggs, which these markets are world famous for. We saw so many darling handmade crafts!!! Be sure to click on any image to enlarge it!

These eggs are gorgeous, but they had ribbons attached to them for hanging. Germans decorate Easter trees both inside and outside their homes.

HUGE strawberries!!

Fish sandwich - a whole fish, onions and pickles. Yuck!

Lunch of Nurnberg sausages - soooo good!!!

Amber is readily available here, so you see it at every market or fest.

Polish pottery!

Sooooo sexy? Or soooo cheesy???

Italian pottery!!! I so wanted some, but putting it in storage for three years seemed dumb. Still wishing I had bought some now, lol!

This lady made handmade teddy bears and dolls, and their clothes too! And she's not shy either! :D

On our way back to the parking garage, I spied this chocolate shop!! Thomas is holding our bag of goodies!!!

Then we decided to enjoy the day a bit more, so Bella got a gelato and Thomas and I split a cappuccino.

It was supposed to be chilly with possible rain, but it turned out to be a lovely day! :D
Thomas hugs the giant panda. He's awesome like that!!

Our goodies from the market:

New bowl with my hand painted eggs!!

Our chocolate shop goodies!

Bella's Easter Haul!

Our next Easter? We'll be in South Korea!!!


Rita said...

Wearing raw amber next to the skin is supposed to help reduce pain.
Wow! What a lot of fun crafts and yummy looking goodies. Glad the weather was decent for you guys. (I just got four posts in one email?)

Intense Guy said...

Those bunnies look really cute!

They hand Easter eggs in the trees around here - now I know it's a German "thing." :)

Hugging that Panda must have been like hugging a big furry tree!

AliceKay said...

Sorry I'm way behind in reading your posts. I've had a lot going on.

I just wanted to say one thing after looking at these pictures...your family has amazing adventures and you always look like you're having such a great time while having those adventures. It's very refreshing to see. :)