Saturday, December 27, 2014

Last of my Christmas Cards

I wasn't able to make as many as I wanted to, or use all the new things I had this year, but I did manage to get around 45 done this year. Many I made two of to save some time. So, I hope to make New Year's cards and Valentine cards and "thinking of you" cards for those people I missed this year. I've been coloring images when I have some time and feel up to it. Baby steps!!
I made quite a few of these quilt cards! They came together very quickly!

I was able to make two of the gingerbread house cards!

LOVE this card too! It uses many of my new "toys" and two separate stamp sets. You can click to enlarge them and see all the sparkly details.

And, of course, the yearly Hoff Card!
This is my sixth one, lol!


Rita said...

I got mine yesterday and it's so cute! Ours were the simplest ever this year. Just stamping. :)

Intense Guy said...

I got mine too!! They are always a marvel of artwork!

LOL @Hoff's Card. Did you send it to him?