Saturday, December 27, 2014

Gutneck Christmas Market 2014!

No matter what the weather, or how I felt, missing this market was NOT an option!!! It's our all-time favorite, and an especial favorite of Bella's!!! We got there right at lunch time, so scoring some roasted pork and saurkraut was Priority One!
Soooo delicious!!

Under the mistletoe! :D

Lots of new animals this year, including these owls and hawks!

Love approved!

It was rather chilly!

Fresh mac & cheese!

Garlic mushrooms!

I didn't get one, but a "zwiebelrose" is a bloomin' onion. And they were HUGE!!!

Gorgeous selection on handmade items, as well as antiques.

Wooden spoons....good for spanking naughty children!! (Bella is not really scared, lol!)

Pedal-powered wood lathe.

We watched this woman make hand made lace!

And we watched this man bind books by hand. (Made me think of you, Rita!! :D )

Sitting in the lodge, waiting for the music to begin!

These heaters really work and made it so hot inside!!!

Brass band warming up.

This was Bella's reason for dance in her medieval dress!! Last year they had Celtic singers, and Bella had to make do with just a headdress. And she danced to every single song!!!

Doggie castle!

Archery lessons

And then Bella saw the horses...and it was all over, lol! Naturally, she wanted to ride the largest, and most popular one, so we waited in line for her to ride!

This is what happiness looks like!

And away she goes!

So I said hi to some baby bunnies and alpacas!


Female hunter wearing the fox she shot! Bella thought it was really cool! It was a long, lovely, magical day!!! If you ever have the chance, this a "must do" while in Germany!!!


Rita said...

I was fascinated by the lacemaker! Would have spent a long time watching the book binder--you're so right! Looks like just lots of fun topped off by the horse ride! :)

Inking Idaho said...

What an amazing day! I would love to experience that one day. Happy New Year!

Intense Guy said...

Such cool animals!!!

My granny used to threaten me with a wooden spoon. It was such an empty threat I laughed (at it, not her).

AliceKay said...

I was fascinated by the lacemaker, too. Her hands and fingers were flying. So cool.

It looks like everyone had a great time at the market/festival, especially Bella. :)