Saturday, December 27, 2014

December Goings On...

Although we had made plans to visit many Christmas markets this season, rainy weather and my poor health kept us from most of them on our list. We did make it to Regensberg though, and it was very nice. I didn't take too many photos because I was just enjoying the atmosphere and the people around us. (Sorry!)

These are magnetic toothbrush covers!

Windows match the inside staircase!

These "tools" are made of chocolate!!

Impractical feathers on this winter coat!

Macaroon store!!! And yes, we bought a ton of them! I had to laugh that right next door is the dentist's office, lol!!!
This part of the old cathedral was covered in glass. No clue why or it's history - maybe next time!

Thomas got his Christmas presents a little early. He was OVER THE MOON with happiness!!!
Yes, it's a light saber.
No, he's not twelve, lol!

We were a little later than usual, but we did manage to get a tree up this year. Our "Italian" tree was a pre-lit one and the lights decided to crap out on us. Our huge tree we had in Georgia, was also pre-lit and also decided to crap out on us. So....late in the season we wound up buying a new 220V tree. Luckily we're headed for South Korea next, which also uses 220V so it's not a total waste. Of course I added about 2,000 extra lights on it because, hello!, a tree needs lights! And decorations, and bows, and candy canes, and bulbs, and golden strings of beads, and, and....
Without and then with flash

About a week before Christmas we did get a bit of snow! It was very pretty and completely gone the next morning. Bella was pretty much heartbroken.

Thomas & Bella playing together. No CLUE what this "game" was all about, but as I was in the next room stamping, I could hear Bella using this "southern-ish" accent and had to see what it was all about, lol! TOOOO funny!

Have you ever heard of Kreation Krate? I hadn't either until someone posted something about it on Facebook. I checked it out and ordered this kit. They include everything you need to make a project, which is really nice and they are all very affordable! I'll be making this tile mosaic photo frame very soon! You can check out what they're offering HERE.


Rita said...

I suddenly got an email with your last five posts, I think it was. So I am catching up. You had about as much snow as we got for Christmas, but ours stayed a little longer. Barely covered the ground.

Your tree is gorgeous! Sorry you haven't been feeling that well. I know how that goes. ;)

Intense Guy said...

I hope you are feeling much better now - perhaps the weather in Korea will be better for you? (I can't imagine why it would be though!)

Obiwan Thomas has some good moves!