Friday, November 1, 2013

Happy Halloween!

We ordered our costumes a longggg time ago (shipping can be pretty slow and dicey over here!), and now the time had finally come to wear them! Thomas and Bella were so excited!!!

Bella the Werewolf! Waiting in the car to start.

No matter how cool you are, you'll never be Packer shade wearing Knight cool, lol!!! It wound up being a very clear, but very cold evening. We were all wearing tons of layers!

Bella striking a scary pose!

Thomas lovin' his costume!
(Sorry I didn't notice the crooked crown, lol!)

My kids at play, lol!

We went to the on-post housing to trick or treat, because it's HUGE! But it's open (no gates), so there were TONS of Germans there too. So a gazillion people were out, and hardly anyone was giving out candy. *sad face* We walked for miles with little to show for it, but there's always next year, right??


Stephanie said...

What fabulous costumes Jeannie!! Sounds like lot of fun was had - thank you for sharing the photo's :) I'd forgotten about that Santa email (we did it a couple of years back & it was amazing) - thanks for the reminder :) x

Intense Guy said...

Awesome costumes! Where is the shot of you in yours?? :)

Welcome to the Garden of Egan said...

Thomas looks hilarious with facial hair.
Bella's costume is scary.

Sorry you didn't score, but it looks like you had fun.

Rita said...

Great costumes. Don't they give out candy in Germany? How strange.

Gail said...

Great costumes!
Good job on the Bella room clean up too.
I buy candy, but no one comes any more!
Don't know anyone with younger children, and Halloween's my favorite holiday!

Regina said...

OMGOSH....give a heads up next time. That werewolf scared me...hehe!! Bella looked AWEsome and Sir Thomas did as well. (I thought perhaps the crooked crown was due to a fierce battle he had just fought and won)^_^

No candy...BOO!! I'm sure it was still a blast getting to walk around and be such characters. We live in an older neighborhood where there aren't many kiddos at all so we go Trick or Treating with my sister and niece in theirs. Chaz had me make him up as Jeff the Killer and I was really surprised that some folks knew who he was. (I didn't until he showed me a tutorial on how to do his makeup..a 10 year old that knows these things is scary..hehe) I wish you could have seen one house we went to. A man was hiding in their bushes and "jumping" out to scare the kiddos and he let Chaz walk by a bit and then "JUMPED" out. Chaz slowly turned, cocked his head and did that evil laugh. The man jumped!!


AliceKay said...

Great costumes. Sorry the trick-or-treating wasn't the best. And yep, there's always next year. lol

ChicagoLady said...

Great costumes for Bella and Thomas. Where was yours? LOL

Too bad there wasn't a lot of candy given out. I think that can be your project for next year. Delivering notes to all those houses informing them that it's tradition to have candy for Halloween. Even in Germany.

Mary said...

WHAT??? Hardly anyone was giving out candy??? It would've been nice if they had closed the post only for the Americans, huh? :)
Those costumes are GREAT!!!