Sunday, November 3, 2013

My Sunday Blessings

Yesterday was our usual errand day (aka face the hordes of people in the Commissary on payday weekend!!), but we decided to hit up the PX first. They usually have the same old-same old stuff in there, but I needed a new pillow anyway, so we went ahead and checked it out. We found some oh-so-cute new clothes for Bella, A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving DVD, looked at the Christmas decorations (didn't buy any -  I was good!!!), and then looked at the toy section. We found lots of cool looking games and wound up getting three new ones. Bella had asked about the Battleship game the other day, so when I saw it there we picked it up! We also got the Jenga BOOM! game, and The Big Bang Theory trivia game. We wound up playing all three yesterday too! Sometimes it's just the simple things that really make you happy!

Thomas and Bella deep into the game!

Bella planning her strategy!

This is a short but fun game!


Regina said...

Sounds like ya'll had an awesome Saturday adventure. ^_^

I so love seeing Bella...she is growing so fast and into such a beauty!! Thomas is a great Dad!!
Of course you already know I think you are an awesome Mom!!

The Chazman and I LOVE to play board or dice games. We are hooked on Farkled...hehe I didn't know about Jenga BOOM. Chaz always beats me on Jenga..always!! Thank you for the FYI, that might be a great Christmas gift idea.


Gail said...

My kids are 'big' and gone, but still like playing games; card games, board games, when they come home!
It's something to make time for!

AliceKay said...

Looks like a fun day in the Kupsh household. :)

Rita said...

I've never played battleship. Funny--they play Jenga sometimes on Big Bang. ;)

ChicagoLady said...

Always fun to play games together as a family. I've played Jenga before, but not the BOOM! version.

Intense Guy said...

I love playing Battleship.

I guess for an Army guy watching ships sinking is sort of fun...

Mary said...

Those videos are too cute! Love how Bella took a deep breath before her turn in Jenga! She is adorable!