Friday, November 1, 2013

The big Bella room clean-up!

Bella's room has been a hot mess since we came back from Florida....IN JANUARY! Normally after Christmas, we do the bedroom clean up, toy-switcheroo thing, but we were all so badly jet lagged and then spent the remainder of the winter swapping flu germs, that it never got done. No real excuse for the rest of the year, but it just got worse and the job that much more daunting, lol! Somehow these photos don't show just how bad it was, nor how much better the "after" photos were. I guess you'll just have to take my word on it!

The Before:
Partial clean up started, because you can see the floor!

Doll house? Or Littlest Pet Shop house???

When in doubt, or lazy!, plop things here!!!

This mess has been literally kicked to the side in order to make the bed! There was no clear floor space on this side of the room!!!

Same here - You couldn't get to the dresser or window because of the mess!!

Desk full of "stuff" and rather sticky underneath! Yuck!!!!

The After:
Clean, organized and non-sticky surfaces, lol!

A cleared floor!! An organized bookshelf and drawers!

A desk!! Wow!

It's been a couple of weeks now, and it still looks this good. We now have "Toy Jail" and if things don't get put away properly, they get taken away!! To get them back she has to do a chore! (Thank you, Pinterest!!!!) She's had two solid good weeks at school and is half-way to getting her Kindle (without internet) back. Go Bella!!


Brooke Beck-Lynch said...

Wow sound like she is doing much better!! Awesome :) go Bella!!! And I love the toy jail idea, too cute!

Deanna said...

If you get bored, I have a scrapbook room you could tackle!

joe tacoma said...

I like the guitar.

Welcome to the Garden of Egan said...

That looks like a daunting task.

Regina said...

WOW...I never thought of "toy jail". That's a VERY good idea. Mine would have to be "game jail" though..LOL!!

It is funny how "life" just kinda gets in the way and some things get pushed by the wayside. It happens here with the Chazman's room..BIG TIME!! I think it's time to do some cave cleaning here too. (that's what Chaz calls his room...the cave and whew sometimes it smells like a stinky old cave...hehe ^_^


AliceKay said...

Kids will be kids.

(that kid has a lot of

Good job on the school work, Bella!