Sunday, May 5, 2013

Spring Fest in Weiden!

 Bella played the "pick a duck" game and won a panda bear!

(Yes, I got one!)

 Bella screamed bloody murder about this scary, talking tree!

 Creepy eyes, open and close!

 Bella picks a BIKE over the cutsie animals!

 Driving a forklift!

 And a pony afterwards!

 But all that was NOTHING, compared to riding a real pony!
 Happiest girl in the world right here!

 Ohmygosh, fresh mushrooms!!!

 Thomas winning a piggie for The Bella!
 Look at that concentration!

 To The Bella go the spoils!

 Candy shop!!
I got a small cookie and Bella got cotton candy.

 Bella getting her portrait done.
(And holding the frog I won for her playing darts!)

 Fresh corn on the cob!

 This is seriously one of Bella's FAVORITES!!!
 And she wound up losing another tooth while doing so!
Here comes the tooth fairy...again, lol!!!

 All kinds of fish sandwiches. Love the decorations!

 Italian pizzas!

 Look out - The Bella is driving!!!

 French crepes!

 Another pony ride!

Quarter wheels of cheese!! YUMMMMMY!
(But no, I didn't have any!)

We mostly just walked around (and around!), letting Bella ride rides, playing some games and got a few treats on the way out. I took photos of food, but didn't eat much of it, lol! It was a really nice time and a preview of Weiden, which we will visit again soon and see the older sections for another travel adventure. It was a very full day, and we took advantage of the first nice day of weather around here in a long while!


Gail said...

Thanks for sharing your adventure!
Looks like fun was had by all!
I did the whole thing!
Castle ruins part 1 & 2, and this post!
Looks like fun was had by all!
It wouldn't let me comment this morning on part 1!

Alison Scott said...

Looks like a fun day out all round. Loved the castle photos too.

Christina Wernstrum said...

I miss fests. So glad you guys had fabulous weather to go enjoy one tho.

joe tacoma said...

I wanna see the sketch. :-)

AliceKay said...

Now that looks like a fun time was had by all! Loved the pics and videos. :)