Sunday, May 5, 2013

Waldeck Castle Ruins! Part 2

Continuing on with our adventure...

Bella dances in the castle!

So impressive...and these are just the ruins!

Our town! Only a few miles away!!!

Extinct volcano...another adventure coming soon!

The entire trail was lined with fresh mint plants! Smelled wonderful!

Daddy and The Bella!

  Sheep with their babies in the distance!

Back where we started!

 Pretty gorgeous, huh??
And that was only our morning!!! :-D


AliceKay said...

Extremely gorgeous! Thanks for sharing!

2busy said...

I'm a sucker for historical...anything. I loved the pictures. It makes me wonder about the people who used to live in that castle and their stories...

cuilliesocks said...

Wonderful pics, looks like you all had a great and interesting day out, thanks for posting them, kate x

Intense Guy said...

I love that photo of Bella and her dad! :)

It's nice to see the sky cleared and turned nice and blue later!