Monday, May 6, 2013

Monday's Monet Moment

 I have this print framed in my living room!

Some "Monet worthy" shots!

My camera didn't really fully capture the beauty of this sunset! It was about two weeks ago, and the last of the glorious weather before we were pushed back with the 'usual' cold, wind and rain. Then yesterday it turned nice again and it's gorgeous out again today!!! I'm thinking if Bella finishes her homework quickly, we can walk down to the park and feed the ducks! I have a couple of hamburger buns left over from Saturday's lunch. Plus it will help keep up with my "steps"....10,000 is quite a few and I only managed a little over half of that yesterday with all the walking we did! Not sure how accurate my FitBit is being, lol!!!

Happy Monday, everyone!


Christina Wernstrum said...

Gorgeous sunset!

Intense Guy said...

Keep on with the walking! I wear a pedometer too! Its usually spot-on accurate.

AliceKay said...

Nice shots of the sunset. I find that most of the time the beauty you see doesn't show thru the lens of a camera, unless you have a really, really good camera.

10,000 steps can be a lot more steps than you realize, but keep it up and you will feel much better. *hugs*