Sunday, January 6, 2013

Legoland! Part 3

Here is the last part of the Legoland adventure!

Ohhhh! Very scary!!

We saw these birds at the zoo!

Yet another roller coaster ride!!!

Brain freeze!

Who's hiding inside???

The Bella!

They stayed to watch this pirate show!

What a fun day they had!!! I'm tired just looking at everything they did, lol!


Rita said...

By the water there with the skiers it reminds me of Cyprus Gardens. Who would think they could come up with so many ideas out of legos! :)

Christina said...

LOL ok why is it I am the only one who noticed the dino sniffin a ladies rear? Only me! Awesome fun

Catherine said...

1. Natalie would go even MORE Lego crazy after going to a place like this and 2. Brian would think he was at a real zoo. :)

AliceKay said...

That looks like such a great place to visit. I know a little boy who would love to go there. :)