Sunday, January 6, 2013

Life's a BEACH!

This beach is literally across the street from the base Alex lives on!! I love, love, love beaches and the ocean, and I've missed it so much since we lived in Georgia! But with all the things we did, and my extreme exhaustion (jet lag is a nasty B**CH!!), we didn't make it to the beach until the day we left. *sad face* But with a few hours to spare after lunch, and before we had to drive to the airport, we headed out there!
Bella was on a mission to collect shells!

So gorgeous and warm too!

Bird tracks!

With the tide coming in, I TOLD Alex to be careful with Bella to make sure she stayed dry!

Thomas helping with the shell hunt!

Notice anything?? Bella is completely drenched!!! Alex left her side to get a shell, Bella started to lose her balance, and a big wave came in. I saw the whole thing happen, and while she was fine, she was wet up to her neck, lol!! Guess she won't be wearing that outfit to fly in, lol! We had enough time to dry them in the dryer, but had to take them home to wash. Kids!!

Still, how can you be upset with these pretty girls??

When the tide pulls back, it makes a pretty harlequin design in the sand!

Bella was laughing so hard, and it was so infectious!!

Never did make it to get a pedicure, time!

Happy New Year!

Something beautiful, peaceful and calming to share with you!

I will take more photos this week of the fabulous goodies we bought, and the new stamping goodies from my last order. The catalog is now "live" so I can show them!! It's sure to be a busy week this week, as we all get back into our normal routines. I'm sure Bella would rather stay on vacation than go back to school, lol! And I have lots of projects I want to dive into as well. I'll have the house to myself tomorrow morning!! :D


Rita said...

I haven't seen the ocean for 25 years, either. Wow! I could almost feel the sand between my toes and smell the salt in the air. :)

Cheryl said...

Oh this looks so fun! Thank you for sharing your pics. It is so cold here it is nice to have a reminder of warmer weather.

Christina said...

I love the beach...I think I need to head down to recenter. January has bummed me out already. Gorgeous wonder. Thanks for all the fun pictures.

Deanna said...

I totally agree that the ocean and beaches are an absolute must. Love, love, love the ocean. I knew there was NO way Bella was going to come away from that ocean dry! Great photos.

Catherine said...

So beautiful!! And so are your girls!! :D I'm really glad you got to have a great vacation with your family!

AliceKay said...

What a great day to be at the beach. It looks beautiful. I'm glad the girls had a fun time playing in the water and sand.

The video didn't work for me. I clicked on the arrow but nothing linked up. :(