Sunday, January 6, 2013

Legoland! Part 2

Continuing on with Lego Mania!!! :D
They were so smart! Little tables with legos were available for kids to play with while waiting in lines for the rides!!!

Bella "jousting"!!!

Alex is a huge Star Wars fan! Bella doesn't have a clue, lol! But I know that Thomas loves it too, as do some of my regular readers (Hi, Christina!!!), so I put all the S.W. battle scenes on here just for you guys!

I wonder what caught Bella's attention???

*shakes head* Just think of all the stamps I could buy with the money from these Legos, lol!!
One more Legotastic post to go!!


Christina said...

LOL HI! WAVING FRANTICALLY YOU DO LOVE ME! Ohh to have all these to play with! So glad she took all these!

AliceKay said...

This place looks like so much fun!

For some reason your videos aren't working for me. I'm a little bummed. :(