Sunday, December 2, 2012

Good Mail from The Ribbon Girl!

Another lovely order from The Ribbon Girl!!! Getting things from these lovely ladies is like getting presents in the mail!! Everything is so carefully and beautifully wrapped in pink tissue paper. Plus they have just incredibly gorgeous embellishments - I can't resist them! Be sure to check out their link, their blog and Facebook page!

What I got....
Oval and heart hat pins!

Lovely ribbons and lace!

Flowers and trims
Close up

White and silver pleated satin ribbon!

Sparkly heart buttons

Wooden zebra buttons! These are BIG!!!

White and green leaf pins

CHARMS!!!! So awesome!!!

All spread out!

Dragonflies, angelfish, Christmas trees, wedding cakes and notes!

Gingerbread men, bells, bees and keys!

Winged hearts, snowmen, cages, and clock faces!

Mini holly

Also I made...
...a scrumptious dinner using this recipe! So good!!!

And a warm loaf of fresh bread too!!!


Regina said...

Love all the goodies (the non-eatable and the eatable)


Rita said...

Always great to see what goodies you got! I especially love the dragonflies and angelfish charms for some reason. Dinner looks really good! Hope you have a relaxing week now after the craft fair is done. :)

AliceKay said...

Lots of goodies for you. Those little snowmen are cute.

That bread looks yummy. :)