Sunday, December 2, 2012

A Winter Wonderland!

We had to go to Post to shop at the PX and Commissary (UGH!!!!), so I brought along my camera to take some pics of the drive. It's hard taking them from a moving car, but I got a few good ones! Not too much snow, yet!, but everything looks so pretty and "frosted".

I asked Thomas to turn for a photo, and he did this!

Our backyard view.

I got myself a new pillow - I'm a pillow 'murderer' if you didn't know -  and a few odds and ends at the PX. They had thin ribbon candy in too!!! YAY! Now it's Christmas, lol! I saw a discounted Coach purse that spoke to me, but I left it there. There's too many new SU goodies that I want and that little trip to the States in less than three weeks to plan for. I need a money tree, lol! Commissary shopping went smoothly and all the idiots must have stayed home today!! Got lots of fresh fruits and veggies and have another week's worth of yummy dinners planned. Came home, started laundry, and promptly got into jammies. Plan on relaxing the rest of the day!!!!


Regina said...

Beautiful drive...thank you for sharing with us. Thomas is such a silly willy..hehe!!

Enjoy relaxing!!!


Rita said...

Pretty drive. Looks similar to here--except for the man with his tongue out and the buildings look a little different. ;)

Garden of Egan said...

Such great pictures. It's looks so old world Christmasy!

Loved the picture of Thomas.

SueAnn Lommler said...

Beautiful frosty shots!!! Some would make great Christmas cards!!

Life in a Small Town said...

Such pretty pictures! Sometimes I think the "barely" snows are the prettiest!

AliceKay said...

Beautiful countryside. By the way, isn't it amazing how the trees and sign posts just happen to pop into those pictures from time to time? I have that happen to me, too. (oh look...another tree) LOL

I'm glad you had a good trip into the PX. Thanks for sharing your pictures.