Sunday, December 2, 2012

Grafenwohr Craft Fair!

As tired and stressed out as I was, I was committed to doing this thing, lol!! I'd already bailed on last month's fair, so I had to do it!!!
Here's Bella, being good and glued to her DS, lol!

All set up and waiting to sell!

Magnets and Nugget Boxes

Stockings filled with pencils or crayon packs

Tea For Two packs - sold them all!

Post-It Note sets

Santa purses, lip balm purses and game sets

Magic reindeer food

M&M rolls

Pencil sets - sold nearly all of these!

Hot cocoa packs - all sold!

Mini koosh & candy canes!

Some cards and koosh sets

Hand sanitizer sets - very popular!

Elf finger puppets - none sold   *sad face*

Gift card holders - none sold   *sad face*

Milk carton and designer purse (still have both!)

Peppermint pattie snowmen - picked up a lot, but NONE sold!

Kleenex packs - sold most!

There was virtually ZERO advertising for this fair, and only about 7 or 8 vendors were even there. Very light traffic and we wound up closing an hour early. But, I did have some lovely people stop by (THANK YOU!!!) and sold nearly $200. I saw how small it was and lowered my prices from what I had originally planned to. It was a bit sad having so much to take back home with me, but perhaps I can sell a bit more through Facebook. Big thanks to Thomas and Bella for coming with me and helping out!!! It was a good experience and it felt good to "show off" my goodies!


Regina said...

WOW...some awesome goodies. I bet if it had been advertised you would have sold everything.


Rita said...

Considering light traffic I think you did really well! Congrats!! :)

Ribbon Girl said...

Your goodies looked great - very professional and such a lot of hard work on your part, what a shame there weren't more people at the fair. Hope you manage to sell them somewhere else, keep warm, Mary G x

AliceKay said...

Everything looked great. I know how much time went into each item. It's too bad there wasn't better advertising for the craft fair, tho. *hugs*