Saturday, May 19, 2012

LOL Caturday! (and other stuff)


My promotion to "Supervisor" was published in the June issue of Stampin Success! It's always a thrill to see your name in print!!! (Or is it just me?)

Thanks to Rita, I heard about the most AMAZING deal on these gorg-a-mous stacking boxes!!! ON SALE!!!!! Go HERE to see for yourself!
Wine Country
reg $39 - for $19.50!

Paris Couture
reg $60 for $20!

Passport to the World
reg $60 for $20!

These are going to be so perfect for my Stampin Studio!!! Thanks Rita!

Happy Caturday everyone!


Paloma said...

Hi Jeannie! Happy Caturday to you!!! Remember me??? *embarrassed* Maybe not! I know... I haven't been around for a while... Hi! Maybe you don't remember me... I disappeared from my blog a while ago... then I was on and off but life can get hectic like that... I am planning on "fully blogging again" so I've been posting new recipes and updating the "look" of my blog... before contacting old friends (like you) just so I would be able to have something new and fresh to offer... now I've given myself to the task of gaining back my old friends/readers! I hope I'll see you around! I am hosting a giveaway now and I hope you'll enter! It would mean a lot! I'll be around more often! :) Paloma from The Coffee Shop

Toriz said...

Happy Caturday!

Congrats on having your name in print as supervisor! That's awesome! And, no, it isn't just you. My book's been published for almost a month, and I still haven't gotten over the thrill of being able to say, "hey, look... That's my name on the author part!" Seeing your name there for everyone to see is exciting!

Emily said...

Love caturdays as always and so proud of you getting promoted!

Those boxes would look fab in a certain other craft room too lol!!!

Bloggy Hugs

AliceKay said...

"The new cat smells funny." LOL Cute Caturdays.

Nice boxes. Looks like you got yourself some great deals, too. :)

Rita said...

Congrats, Supervisor! :)

And you got the same Wine Country boxes! I can hardly wait to see pictures of those Paris Couture trunks! I had looked at those, too, but I needed stackables as you know what little room I have here. They look awesome! I am loving my new boxes! Now I have to organize. ;)

Nikki Bond said...

Super cute and funny pics!...great way to start my morning! Congrats on the promotion...I know you deserve it!


Christina said...

Seeing your name in print is exciting remember I kept the ck with the screen shot of our names from Colour Q! No one will ever know but us lol!

2busy said...

Those cat pictures are hilarious. They made me smile and laugh. Thank you. :)

amanda.c09 said...

Congrats Supervisor!!!! It's not just you, I was also promoted to Supervisor and it was printed in the most recent SS. I was also really happy to see my name printed there.

Also, love all the travel pics and Caturday is one thing I look forward to every week! Thanks for the laughs!