Friday, May 18, 2012

Vicenza Spring Carnival!

Bella has talked about this carnival non-stop for two weeks! Seriously. Non-stop! I think they really hyped it up at school and got all the kids positively rabid about it! And not to be an old stick-in-the-mud, but this is totally not my thing. Why? Because the kids here are mostly off the charts loud/rude/obnoxious. And loud! And getting a whole bunch of them together, in a small enclosed space, just makes me want to run for the hills. So usually Thomas takes her to these school functions. But he was in Germany this time, so I had to suck it up and go. (rats)

But still, how can anyone resist this level of excitement???
Super excited, just to be eating a hamburger!

She's eating really fast too, so she can play games!

Her first game - Balloon Stomp

A ring AND a fish! Pure happiness, lol!

Next up - some darts!
(this was a little scary!!!)

She came very close actually, but didn't pop a balloon.

There was miniature golf, but Bella didn't want to try it.

We spent most of our time waiting in long lines for games.
Bella didn't mind one bit!!

Hands down her favorite was this fishing game.

They told her to wiggle the pole, and she did, hitting these poor guys like crazy, lol!

Reeling in her "catch".

Having fun yet, Bella? Thumbs up!!!

Pick a Duck game

Oh yay, you won a realllllly loud whistle. Yay.

Bella is trying to win a goldfish. She tried three times but no luck!

She came VERY close to winning on skeeball, but not quite.

More fishing!

Next we tried Frog Launcher
Bella didn't hit it hard enough, but loved trying it.

She got a "3" on her first try!! Best prize!

Super Bubble Wand!!!!

Don't ask me why, but Bella wanted to be in "jail".
It cost 4 tickets to have her sit in here.
But who can argue with this smile???

Hey Bella! Ready to go yet???
That would be a no.

Back for more fishing to finish up our tickets!
Then a bribe of cotton candy to take home, got us out of there!!!

Bella's haul. I think somebody bought out Oriental Trading Co. or something, lol! And these treasures of hers will be fiercely guarded, you can count on that. Somehow though, I have a feeling the "movers" are going to "lose" some along the way. They're awful like that. *evil laugh*

So it was fun afterall. Really hot, really crowded, really loud. But fun. Because I was with my Bellaboo and she was over the moon happy! And that makes Mom happy. And tired. LOL!


Rita said...

Kids love those little carnivals. Fishing was always good because you win every single time. ;) Looks like Bella had a great time.

AliceKay said...

Bella looked like she had a great time! And look at that stash! Boo on the movers "losing" some. LOL

I remember going to our elementary school's carnival every May. It was fun. And then my kids, who went to the same elementary school, had their carnivals, and it was even more fun. Those were the days...when life was carefree and full of smiles and laughs...and fishing games and coin toss and ring toss and just plain fun! I'm looking forward to sharing things like that with Ryan one day. :)

Mary Cavalier said...

Such a good time and such good memories for Bella! You're a good mama.

Mary said...

That looks a lot like the spring carnival at one of my schools. I bet it sounded like it, too...way too loud!
Looks like Bella had a super time!