Sunday, May 20, 2012

Lazy, sleepy Sunday...

Thomas finally came home last night around 9pm. It's been a very long, very eventful 2 1/2 weeks apart! He spent about an hour unpacking, creating a veritable mountain of dirty laundry!, and then just chatting on the couch, catching each other up. The week was a success for him of course, with the new job! He's beyond excited about it, and I'm quickly catching up with his level of enthusiasm! We went to bed shortly after 10pm, and although I didn't fall immediately asleep, I did fall deeply asleep.

Until 4 am. And then we got hit with a long earthquake again! It is really freaky and scary to wake up that way!!!! I woke Thomas up and his comment was, "Cool!". No hun, not cool!!! We got an aftershock about five minutes later and I knew that was it for me sleeping anymore. We got another longer aftershock just after 5am and then we were finished for this round. The epicenter was about 2 hours south of us, but we felt it worse than the previous ones from Verona, about 30 minutes away!! I had a couple of cards fall off my Work Box, but other than that, nothing to show for it but my frayed nerves. Hopefully NO EARTHQUAKES in Germany!!!

Bella spent the night on post with the rest of her Brownie Troop, for their slumber party at the post Inn. She had a blast, and no, didn't know anything about the earthquake! (That kid once asleep, can sleep through anything!!!). They went bowling, watched movies, painted their fingernails and all kinds of other fun, girly things!! I decided to French braid her hair for something fun and different:

She seems to like it!

Back View

I twisted the separate long braids together, and 
fastened them at the bottom.

She complained the whole time, but like the end result, lol!

The kittens will be 5 weeks tomorrow! They are full of energy and fun!
Like biting on Momma's tail, lol!!!

The lone gray kitty is my favorite. He/She is the biggest and loves to cuddle! And is the only one so far to eat kitten food. The other three are clueless still, lol! Three more weeks and they will be going to new homes...including Minnie. We can't take her with us and that is going to be very sad!

Today has been a quiet, cloudy, rainy sort of day. I had wanted to stamp today, but Bella is sort of crabby (tired from last night!), and I'm sort of crabby myself, lol! I'm thinking an early night for us both is just the ticket! If I get all the laundry done at least, I will consider the day a success! I hope you all have a restful Sunday as well! Ciao for now!


Toriz said...

Sounds like what would have happened with us; I'd wake up, wake up the hubby and he'd say, "cool" or "OK" or something, then he'd go back to sleep. *Rolls eyes*

I wish I could have one of those kittens! Especially now I know you have a grey one... I want a grey one!

Rita said...

I was reading along, thinking--how nice Thomas was home and all--and then--EARTHQUAKE!! Again! I have never experienced an earthquake. Now if it was a tornado I am very familiar with those and they don't rattle me. But feeling the ground shake under me and it not just being 40+ MPH thanks! You should google and see if there are earthquakes in Germany. ;)

Glad Bella had a good time. Lazy Sundays are always fun! :)

AliceKay said...

When I turned on the TV to the weather channel this morning, it was telling about the earthquake in Italy. You were the first thing that came to mind. I'm glad you and your family are okay.

Very nice braids. Bella's hair is getting so long. So pretty.

Winnie's kittens are really growing. It will be hard to let them all go when it's time. Hey, don't you know how to check the gender of those babies? (it's fairly simple)

Sunny and hot here in northeastern PA again. Too hot when you don't have the air conditioners in. :\ I'm heading back outside in a bit to pull some weeds around the back deck. Hope you enjoy your evening. *hugs*

Christina said...

So sad you have to let the beloved pets go. Bella's hair turned out wonderful. I don't think I would have been able to go back to sleep either. I am still waiting for my first earthquake to hit. Not looking forward to it.

2busy said...

When I was a child, I used to think earthquakes were cool. Now as an adult I realize how dangerous they really are. You just never hear about earthquakes in Italy, so it never occurred to me that they have them there.

It is going to be so hard to leave your sweet pets. They become such a big part of the family.

The braid is gorgeous, btw! You've got talent...

Paloma said...

Very scary! I've never been in an earthquake (Praise God) but going to Mexico City I've felt the "daily tremors" they are so used to... I did not like it one little bit! :) Glad you had a good Sunday regardless! Wow! I see so many changes have happened since the time when I used to post here... I hope I can catch up with everything soon!

ChicagoLady said...

I'm glad you're ok and nothing was damaged in the earthquake. I don't think I've heard about too many earthquakes in Germany, but who knows...maybe you'll take them with you! LOL

Heatherlyn said...

Do they normally have earth quakes in Italy? Growing up in Southern California, earth quakes don't phase me much. But is it a normal thing there or a more recent thing?

Your kittens are at the perfect age!

I'm glad you have your hubby back. I definitely sleep better when mine is around. Unfortunately, tomorrow he will be off to your area of the world again. I'll be glad when this Poland project gets done!

In the meantime I'm just trying to survive this last week of school and looking forward to the summer.

Is Bella already done with school? Maybe you posted about that in a post I need to still catch up on?

Mrs. Jones from the Circus said...

OH my! I heard about the earth quake yesterday...but my internet was all weird and I couldn't get here to check on you guys. I'm glad you guys are safe...frazzled but safe. And congrats to Thomas (and you and Bella) for the new job in Germany!!