Sunday, May 6, 2012

Delicious Cortona - Part 2

..continuing on our whirlwind tour...

Ceramic tabletop
We did go inside and purchase two very small items. Bella wanted me to buy a bowl, but for 65 euro? No thanks. (She cried)

I should have used something for perspective, but these are actually mini bottles of wine - about 3 inches or so in height. So cute!

Church of San Domenico
15th Century

I'll take one of everything please!

At first we thought this cat was ceramic...

But then he turned his head! Bella wanted to pet it, so I told her to let it sniff her hand first, and if no growling then it was OK. She got one pet in alright, but the second stroke earned her a nip on the hand. She cried. Cortona - the city where Bella cried! Stupid cat - thanks a lot!!!

Now this is a patio!!!
So steep they have escalators!!

Waiting for the bus, enjoying the view.

Yeah sure Bella, now you are all smiles.
(Good thing you're so cute!)

Good-bye Cortona! You were worth every headache and blister!!!


Christina said...

Gorgeous! Breathtaking! OHH Cortona was pretty awesome as well!

Allyson said...

Oh the views are just breathtaking! I can't imagine how gorgeous it was in person. You just can't even take it all in. Everyone looks a bit bundled up there. I guess summer hasn't really come to Italy the way it has to GA, huh? That's OK..I really miss wearing scarves all the time. But as you well know, anything around your neck after February around here is insane. I'm glad you got to take the trip...I'm ALL kinds of jealous!

Mary said...

What gorgeous views!

Heatherlyn said...

I loved it! I love all your pictures! Every one! You know, I remember being dragged around to some museums as a kid by mostly my grandma and being kind of tiredish and maybe whinyish but as a teenager and adult I looked back at so many experiences and memories with a lot of fondness and gratitude. Bella will look back and have so many wonderful experiences to ponder!