Monday, May 7, 2012

Our Tuscan Adventure: Arezzo - Part 1

After a 4 1/2 hour bus ride, this is where the bus dropped us off, and we began our walking tour. Bella who up to this point had been perfect, decided she was tired and wanted to stay on the bus and sleep. *sigh* ~ Cue crying child here ~We did have a guide, but her accent was so thick and she sort of spoke in a monotone. (Something I've notice a lot of during these things!) So mostly we followed along, but I wasn't really listening, lol! I just took photos of things I thought looked interesting, and figured I'd look them up in a guidebook later!!

On the first weekend of the month, the city has an amazing antiques market, which is the largest flea market I've ever experienced! It's spread out all over the city and you never know what you're going to find! It's like a treasure hunt!!
I loved this display! Everything looked so pretty!
(Lots of paper crafting ideas for me too!!!)
This bit of fresco was under glass to protect it. So beautiful!

The Italians have some amazing doorways!

Some sundials!

An antique sewing machine. Click to enlarge for more detail.

Church of Saint Francesco
This is the oldest church in Arezzo, and the frescoes inside are amazing! But we weren't allowed to take photographs.You can see more HERE, as well as other Arezzo highlights!

The furniture I saw was incredible! I tried to photograph the best pieces as we were walking by. I knew I had to stay with the group, but I really just wanted to wander along!!
Coming into the Piazza Grande area
The Duomo
Insert chamber pot and you're good to go!

Such a gorgeous place, on such a gorgeous day!
An antique parrot cage!

Bella really wanted this vanity set!

On the other side of these steps is the park.

Click To Enlarge
Not sure what this is, but it was very different & cool looking!

An antique headboard.
It reminded me of the one from Under the Tuscan Sun!!

Coming up, Part 2 of Arezzo tour!


Toriz said...

A trip isn't complete without a crying child; just a shame it had to be your problem to deal with it. *Hugs*

People who speak in a monotone make interesting things seem so boring... I find that with some of the people who read the audiobooks I get. A good reader can make even a dull story seem exciting, where as a bad one can make even a great story seem dull. Only good thing is, the people reading in a monotone often help me get to sleep, LOL!

Anyway, I'm glad to see you seem to have been having a great time (despite the boring tour guide).

Intense Guy said...

I love the stonework in some of those photos. Imagine carving out those stones by hand and laying them ... back in the day before "power machines"?

AliceKay said...

Beautiful architecture. I find it so amazing...and so beautiful!

Allyson said...

Oh duh...antique market. This is what I get for catching up from the most recent, back. I should really start where I left off. So, I think that you ABSOLUTELY need a chamber pot in your house. You bought that, right? And I LOVE that wrought iron headboard. Wouldn't it look fabulous in an Italian countryside home? Probably not so much in base housing though...

Heatherlyn said...

I also prefer to just wander around as opposed to a guided tour. I wish everything would have a little plaque nearby it explaining everything about it. I could walk around all day at my own leisure just reading about the things I am looking at and taking pictures of them! I love your pictures.

I'm really impressed that when most of the buildings were built and painted it was during a time where most people didn't have very much. And yet, they took the time to beautify their buildings and put out quality architecture which would be around for hundreds of years.

Mary said...

What amazing pieces in the market! You're right...the headboard does look like the one in the movie!