Friday, March 9, 2012

Turin Trip - Part 5 Egyptian Museum

I'm almost finished with my Turin Trip posts! The last two, today's and tomorrow's, will be of the famous Egyptian museum of Turin! So many amazing artifacts!! There is a saying that all trips to Cairo go through Turin. Come and see....

Bella posing
(She said her tummy hurt and she had to go to the bathroom!!)

The artwork is still so vividly bright, even after thousands of years!

A person's organs were kept in these.

Heart Scarabs

These were so awesome!! I can't believe I finally got to see some!
Bella was a little freaked out by these. She thought they would wake up and turn into zombies, lol! We were literally inches away, with just glass separating us.

These were made of wood, and yet have survived all this time!

Incredible craftsmanship!

This was for a small child.

Layout of a royal tomb.
This was real human hair, made into a wig!

Real eggs that have petrified, food for the afterlife.

Handmade basket


Just look at this detail!
This reminds me of the "foot" on LOST, lol! Thomas wanted me to be sure to get a photo of this because...
...of the longer second "freak" toe! Both he and Bella have it!!!

Funerary masks - so lifelike!

Mummified cats
Mummified crocodiles too!
Even a bull!

There's still so much more to see on tomorrow's post! I hope you'll come back for the conclusion of our Turin trip! Ciao!


Emily said...

Wow o Wow.... Best photos yet.

Love seeing all those mummified animals.

Bloggy Hugs

LindyLouMac in Italy said...

I had no idea there was so much Egyptian history to be learnt in Torino.

LadyStyx said...

Very cool. Those mummies would have freaked me out a bit too!

Rita said...

I didn't know they had so many Egyptian artifacts there. I am fascinated by early Egypt and watch everything I can on the subject. This would be a real treat to see in person. Wow! :)

SueAnn said...

Wow!! Amazing!! The colors so bright!! Wow again!

Christina said...

Now that is cool. I think I would be going into zombie mode too. Bella is not alone~

Intense Guy said...

I thought Bella was showing us how to "walk like an egyptian"!

Goodness... with all this stuff in Italy, did they leave the Egyptians any of it?