Friday, March 9, 2012

Turin Trip - Part 4

Welcome back! We're on Part 4 of our trip and today is going to be a shorter post. But....that leaves the last two posts this weekend for something realllly special!!! Continuing on our walking tour, we come to...
Another mime!
Unfortunately, Bella wasn't having it. Rats.

A defiant monument to the Sardinian troops, erected by Milanese exiles during the triumphant visit to Milan of Austrian Emperor Franz Joseph, 15 January 1857, stands before the Palazzo Madama.

Just inside the entrance to Palazzo Madama.

Simply breathtaking!

This palazzo was built upon ancient Roman ruins, which are now shown through a glass floor.

It's like getting a peek into history!

Thomas & I sort of did a "tango" while holding Bella's hand and filming. We've just got mad skillz like that, lol!

This restaurant was famous as a meeting place for politicians, back in the day.

No time to go in and drool! How sad!!!

Official flag of the city of Turin
& the House of Savoy

We were only given 30 minutes on our own to find a place to eat, order, eat and meet up for our next tour. STRESS!!!! So we got a pizza to go, and ate it outside on a park bench. And made time for gelato afterwards. *smile*

Next up? The AMAZING Egyptian Museum of Turin!!! You will NOT want to miss it!!!


Rita said...

Street mimes and musicians are really popular over there, aren't they? That looking through the floor to the old ruins is fascinating! Beautiful old buildings! :)

LadyStyx said...

My goodness, this looks like a wonderful trip! Loving the pix of the architecture....

WhisperingWriter said...

Mmm...fresh Italian pizza...

Mimes freak me out.

Christina said...

I would have never have wanted to leave the ruins that is so cool

JoeTacoma said...

What breathtaking architecture. Beautiful pictures, Jeannie.


Nothing tastes better than Italian Pizza....and pastries....and well pretty much everything I ate was to die for.