Sunday, March 11, 2012

Turin Trip - Part 6 Egyptian Museum

Now on to the final part of our Turin trip! I wasn't able to use my camera's flash at all in the museum, so I'm quite surprised I was able to get as many good photos as I did!

A long, dark room full on ancient statues.

For perspective, I had Bella pose with this one.

A sphinx!

These baskets are HUGE, and I imagine having both filled would be so heavy for the slaves to carry. All day. Every day. No thanks!!

A very, very short bed!

No pillow - just a neck rest. Ouchie!

This one was so gorgeous.

Ancient makeup!

Well, when you gotta gotta go! Even in the afterlife, lol!

These are loaves of bread!
(I bet they looked yummier 3,000+ years ago!)

Nuts and fruit

This is a game board, supposedly similar to checkers.

Garland of flowers

Primitive tools - but used masterfully!!!

Our last mummy of the day.

(click to enlarge to read)

Waiting on the bus for the ride home. Notice Bella's "Nanny McPhee" tooth?? It's barely hanging there still! Both front teeth are so loose but just will not come out!!!

A quick snack at McDonald's. It's actually much better over here!

Bella simply cannot resist a dog!

So that's our trip!! I hope you enjoyed our photos!

Next up?
Tickets purchased for the March 31st trip!


Emily said...

What a fab tour... Could only be bettered by a visit in person.

Thanks for sharing and allowing us to "visit" with you.

Bloggy Hugs

Sarah-Jane said...

Wow! that looks like amazing place to visit and Bella looks like she had a fab time too :-)
Thanks for sharing your trip!
Hugs xx

Rita said...

Even a toilet for the afterlife, I love it! ;)

I wonder why that one mummy was all curled in the fetal position? I've never seen that before. Probably wasn't properly laid out and embalmed but the desert preserved it anyways. Fascinating!

What a trip! You sure have gotten to see the sights while you have been overseas, that's for sure! Can hardly wait for pictures of the next trip. :)

SueAnn said...

I enjoyed this trip very much!! The details are amazing

Christina said...

I love that you captured even the makeup. We had to get the idea for Cleopatra eyes from somewhere I suppose. The last mummy makes me think does being mummified in a fetal position mean something or was this a sudden death?

Intense Guy said...

The place seems Ghostly and Haunted...

...Bella's toof fall out yet? :)


Awesome tour of the museum. I know you enjoyed it.