Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Entering The World of Disney! Part 2

Going to the top of the castle, we could go outside and see the surrounding sights! Bella saw this carousel and said this was NEXT!!!!

A sword in the stone! Could Bella pull it out???

The good fairies' woodland cottage!

Back on the ground, trying her luck with the sword!

We saw these dresses everywhere! But they were 60 euros each (about $84!!!!) Bella has had all of these before, but has since outgrown them since living in Georgia. I just couldn't see it, because I knew they wouldn't be used once we were home. And to her credit, Bella never asked for them, or anything else for that matter! Not once!! Although I did see her looking longingly at them.

Luckily....THIS was close by!
Bella loves merry-go-rounds best!!

Mickey's beanstalk!

And his garden

Enchanted tree - grows apples, grapes, oranges, pears and peaches!
I so need one of these, lol!!!!

Cinderella fountain

Cinderella carriage

Bella found Doc!

And King Louie from The Jungle Book!

Princess Pavilion - this is where you can have a dress up tea with the Princesses. For big time bucks!! Again, Bella didn't ask but I know she would have loved this! You had to have reservations though and we only had one day tickets.

Belle's Christmas Village
Which for some weird reason was completely closed!

So we went to the Mad Hatter's tea party instead, lol!

A maze!
I don't like mazes, but I did it to be a good sport.

We entered with smiles...

Ooops! Dead end!
Tiny door!
We got lost!! Seriously, we couldn't find our way out and they wouldn't let us out the way we came in. It sort of wasn't fun after that, lol! Of course we did manage to figure it out...or we'd still be in there! (stupid maze!!!)

At least these cute ducks made us forget about it quickly!

Is this Dweedle-Dee or Dweedle-Dum? How can you tell???

And here is the Queen of Hearts!
Her mole is hairy - gross, lol!!!
Poking fun with The Bella!

Waiting in line for the Flying Dumbo ride!
Daddy looks scared - ha ha!
Bella found Rapunzel's friend Pascal!

This is a restaurant...
Snow White and the Seven Dwarves!

Bella with stage fright?? Seriously????

We took a stroll in the Adventure Land part.

Bella would pose for me, but would not wear it! So I bought it for myself and DID wear it, lol! And no, you can't see me in it!!!!

(admit it - you're singing this in your head now!)

It makes sense, but Thomas was SO GREAT at this! I'm not a bad shot myself, but sucked at this game. I must have had a badly sighted weapon - yeah, that's it!
Bella "playing", but not really. Just don't tell her, OK?
She thinks she was!!!

Haunted House ride
I was disappointed in this!! Not because it wasn't cool - it totally was!! - but because Bella wasn't scared at all! She kept saying, "this isn't real. This is all fake". Parents like to scare their kids, and then laugh at them. It's called payback, lol!!!

Time to check out the shops!
These were soooo cool! They had so many things you could get, that isn't available anywhere else. Love Mr. Potato Head!!!
I promise you, they would NOT have made money if I had purchased this!! I'm great at puzzles and I would have fit A TON in there!!!
We wound up getting a Christmas ornament each, some candy, and some toys for Bella. She was so great all day, not a single complaint and just a joy all day. Was it expensive? Yep! (Lunch at a buffet restaurant cost us over 100 euro!) But we had saved up for it and it was 100% worth it!


Kristina P. said...

It seriously looks so fun. I love Disneyland.

Intense Guy said...

Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum had their names written on their collars by Alice so she could tell 'em apart. I see something under Bella's hat... :)

Rita said...

Oh, this reminds me of When my folks took Dagan and I to DisneyWorld and Epcot in Orlando when he was about 12 years old. Magical places. Expensive, yes, but still magical. Looks like Bella had a really good time. Be waiting to see more!! :)


Bella looked positively happy the whole time, what fabulous memories you have given her!! And yep I was singing Hakuna matata LOL

Mary said...

Bella looks like she was having the time of her life!
There was a family near here that got lost in a corn maze (before Halloween) and called 911! :D

Christina said...

LOL brings back memories the nightmare of scrapping Disney for the 12th time UGH!

Toriz said...

I'm with Bella on the merry-go-round; love those things!

Maybe Belle's Christmas village is a December only thing?

AliceKay said...

It looks like a magical place any kid (of any age) would love. I'm glad you had a great time building fond memories for Bella. :)

I've never been to a Disney, nor have we been able to take our kids to one. Just too expensive for us.