Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Bella's Thanksgiving Play! UPDATED!!!

I know you are all waiting for our Paris trip pictures, but today was Bella's Thanksgiving play at school! She did a WONDERFUL job in her role as "Mother" - the cutest little actress ever!!! I have two videos currently uploading on YouTube, but it has failed twice and the third time it is just going sooooo slowly that I'm afraid it's going to poop out again. I have almost all the play on a two part video. When (if???) they finally upload, I will post them on here. I really want you all to see and hear The Bella do her thing! For now, enjoy these photos:

Update!: The videos are now uploaded and working properly!!!!

After the play

Bella presenting us with her banana nut bread in a cute turkey bag! The children made the mini loaves while we were in Paris. I love the way she decorated her turkey!!

The Bella & her adoring Daddy!

Bella with her teacher Ms. Downey

The loveliest of pilgrims!!!


Kristina P. said...

She looks so cute!

LindyLouMac in Italy said...

Well done Mother Bella and Welcome home from Paris. I have also been absent from the blogging world for our olive harvest which I am posting photos of tomorrow. I will look forward to seeing your Paris posts.

Cassy Lu said...

What a Bella Bella!!! I'm sure she had a great time!

Intense Guy said...

She's a cute as that Turkey bag! No! Wait! She's cuter!

I like that headdress the "indians" (native americans-whatever) are wearing. Big Chief Eat'HimOwnFingers - looks a bit concerned...

Rita said...

So cute! Her smile is just like her dad's. :):)

I hope you get the videos to load. Sometimes things like that can be such a pain. Be waiting to see pics of Paris!! :)

JoeTacoma said...

Bella is so pretty!

SueAnn said...

Bella is adorable.....so good that she performed in a school play!