Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Entering The World of Disney Part 1

We arrived in Paris on Tuesday, November 15th. After getting settled into our room, our first order of business was securing tickets for the Park on Wednesday and Tours of Paris on Thursday, before my Convention on Friday & Saturday. Busy, busy, busy! The room was sooooo freakin' hot (and we couldn't open a window, or get the hotel to fix the thermostat), that Thomas and I couldn't sleep. And The Bella was wayyyyy too excited to get much either! But that didn't stop us....bright and early after breakfast, we headed out to the Park. But first...who should we see in our hotel lobby....
Bella was so thrilled to see him!

The first stop was Disney Village, just outside the gates. This is where many of the restaurants are located and you don't need tickets to be in this area.
Puss In Boots!
Or literally translated, The Booted Cat, lol!

This wild west show looked really awesome, but nearly 300 euros for dinner and a show just didn't seem justifiable.

Thomas thought this car looked pretty cool!

And Bella would be pretty in pink over here!

Approaching the main gate

Mickey clock tower

Bella striking a pose!

We wanted to go on this train, but couldn't find the depot!

Ginormous Christmas tree

Main Street

In the foggy distance....a castle!

Cute gingerbread man ornament!
And if you click, you can see us in the reflection!

Bella will always be our baby, lol!

The gift shop window displays were amazing!


A mini parade!

We're getting closer to the castle!
Bella was just dragging us along now - so excited!!
Almost there, and her smile says it all!

It even has it's own waterfall!

A stage - for Princess performances no doubt

Wide moat

The ceiling of Sleeping Beauty's castle
(Notice the balloons? 12 euros each - ouch!!)

Sleeping Beauty - in French

This is one happy, happy Isabella!!!

The story of Sleeping Beauty...
in stained glass and tapestries...
"Burning" spinning wheel

"Some day my prince shall come..."
Sleeping knights

True Love's Kiss....*sigh*...

Don't leave yet!!
Part 2 is right below!!!


Kelly said...

I enjoyed seeing your Euro Disney discoveries. Disney is the best with holiday decor. We live in Tampa so I have had the opportunity to see all of the parks'X-mas decorations. It always gets me in the holiday spirit!

Intense Guy said...

I like the shot of the castle through the misty fog.

:) Looks like Bella had a blast and a half!

..and yegads.. the prices!!!!

Rita said...

What fun! Now I have to go see part two. :):)

Deanna said...

This is the closest I will ever get to Euro Disney. Thank you so much for sharing! Great pictures of great times. You have created such wonderful family memories.

I had to grin at Bella in the baby carriage.

Nezzy said...

Whew, that left me breathless!!! I loved the trip though your beautiful pictures. I felt like I was right there with ya!

I had the opportunity to visit Disney Land right after it opened when I was knee high to a grasshopper. Boy, 'can't imagine how it's changed by now.

Thanks for the Euro tour!

God bless and have a blessed and beautiful Thanksgiving sweetie.

BTW: If ya get a chance..... place...ya'll come!!!

Woohoo!!! :o)

Mary said...

300 Euros??? YIKES!!!
It looks a lot less crowded than DisneyWorld, but really pretty!

Christina said...

I have a picture of me and the girls on the pink cadilac as well and i Loved that castle did you go to the side and see the dragon sleeping under it?

Toriz said...

Bella was certainly excited, LOL!

AliceKay said...

I'm with Iggy. I also loved the picture of the castle thru the misty fog.

Looks like everyone was having a great time. Loved the pics.

*goes to Part 2*