Monday, October 3, 2011

Out of chaos...creativity!

I'm not quite sure how it happens. But my beautiful Stamping Studio goes from gorgeously organized to disastrous chaos in the blink of an eye! I HATE THAT!!! It's impossible for me to really feel creative (to whatever extent I'm capable of anyway, lol!) if there is just "stuff" everywhere. But I needed quite a bit out to do this project....and I hadn't quite put previous "stuff" away beforehand. Not a good combination!

Exhibit A
Big Shot (which you can get FREE! this month!!!) and dies and paper - oh my!

Exhibit B
This chair shouldn't have anything on it - ever!
But it's a catch-all...all the time!

Exhibit C
When your desk can barely be seen - it's a problem! It was getting difficult to even finish my project because I didn't even have enough room to work, and kept "losing" things. It just about drove me crazy!!!

What was I working on???

Little match boxes for Bella's class!

I made 20 0f these little suckers!

And filled them with mini boxes of Nerds!

And then....

I put together these:
Skeleton Goody Bags!
They've got 2 pencils, Halloween eraser, stretchy frogs, plastic spiders, bat ring, and lollipops inside. I think Bella is going to be very popular, lol! (Like she isn't already - *smile*)

And for her teacher:
I made this grown-up goody box!

Something this little, is deceptively time consuming in it's creation!

Love the sparkly tag!

I used ivory tissue paper to make these ghosts!

I still have her teacher's card to finish, but I did the "hard" part already. It's going to be a super fun card, and I think she'll like it! With the way things have been's better to be WAY AHEAD of schedule around here!


Deanna said...

You're in lots better shape than I am. I did find my scrapbook table back under all the mess... so taht is a start!

I cannot imagine how you were able to put together all of those boxes, plus the teacher's gift too. All of them are darling.

Ok, now, the big question is how... how does one get a big shot free??????

Deanna said...

LOL I figured it out when I went shopping... I think I need to know more...


AliceKay said...

Very creative. Looking great. :)

Christina said...

LOL you have been busy busy busy! I love the little match boxes what a great idea. ans the teacher box wow how cute. I love this time of year.

bethanncarder said...

Nice work. These turned out FAB!

JDaniel4's Mom said...

I am helping with JDaniel's Halloween party at school. Thank you for the wonderful ideas!

Cassie said...

Oh you are a good mommy! What fantastic treats, and so creative! My 'craft cave' looks like that all the time, haha ;)

Intense Guy said...

I hope all of Bella's classmates (and their moms) and her teacher enjoy those esquisite boxes you made!

blueviolet said...

Halloween in Italy is going to be amazing this year! Wow, girlie, you're talented!

Anonymous said...

WOW- You have been hard at work. What great little designs you came up with. I love the matchboxes filled with the nerds! Your gonna make the teacher very happy too- that is so cute :0

Ann Schach said...

What fabulous little goodies you have made! Bella's classmates and sure to be excited about these...and her teacher, too!

Sarah-Jane said...

How organised are you? I still have to make my halloween treats...along with all the other things on my v-e-r-y long list ;-) Thanks for the inspiration
Hugs xx