Monday, June 13, 2011

Getting my craft on!

With all the craziness that's been going on around here, and all the health issues, I finally just made time to hit my Stamping Studio!! It seems like forever since I've posted any new creations!!! I'm going to be craftin' it down today too, as I've got a dentist appointment tomorrow (FINALLY!!) and I might not feel like doing much of anything for a bit depending on how that goes....

Shane's graduation card
Doing masculine cards is hard for me, lol! I also gave him a military gift card so he can use it to buy whatever he needs/wants while at basic or tech school. He leaves in just a few days!!! I know he's so excited to just get started, AND to get away from the living arrangement he's been in for the past year. Good luck, Shane!!!


Thomas' Father's Day Card

This is a TSB image & I love it!

Inside of card


This wasn't made for anyone in particular, but I just wanted to use this image! I'm really happy with how it turned out. This is another TSB image as well. What do you think??

I colored the pearls with my copics.

Inside of card


Tracy outdid herself on creating this image for her store! And she gave it to her entire Design Team! YAY - thank you Tracy!


Inside of card


I've had this image colored for a long time, but didn't quite know how to finish it! I wound up using some new crafting goodies, and older stashed goodies to get the job completed.


Inside of card


One of my favorite cards!


Inside of card


Today I am going to be working on a project for Bella's teacher. Her last day of school is this Thursday. I'm SO not ready for summer vacation!!! (ugh!) But at least she has half-time Summer Enrichment program from June 27th - July 22nd. That should help with the "I'm bored"s that I know are coming!


Garden of Egan said...

I love the yellow card with all the teeny flowers! The detail is incredible!
Beautiful my friend.

Glad you had some stamping time.

Good luck with the dentist. I'll be thinking of you.
I'll also be glad I'm not you. Hate going to the dentist.

Cassy Lu said...

Wow, they are all incredible as always :) Good luck at the dentist today, if you need anything let me know!!!!

slommler said...

All of the cards are fantastic!! I especially love "you inspire me" and "let them eat cake"! Gorgeous!
Good luck Shane

Stacy said...

I love the cake card and the one with the yellow flowers - such talent!!

Toriz said...

I'm glad you found some time to work on crafts. :)

Good luck to Shane!

Also, good luck to you having the kiddo home for the Summer!

Ginger said...

Gah!! You make the CUTEST cards!!! Love them all :) But, my fav is the Marie Antoinette "let them eat cake" soooo cute and girly and fun!

ChicagoLady said...

Beautiful cards, as always. My favorite is the green card with the yellow roses and pearls. Simply the best so far. I think Thomas will like his Father's Day card, it "suits" him, pun intended. LOL


I loved them all! I always do. Can you do something for me....using Holly Hobby looking character (the red headed little girl on the sunflower card would be daughters birthday is June 23rd...she is in Muldova on a mission trip...she loved sunflowers as a kid...and we called her Holly Hobby cause she looked like her. I have written her a life poem and I think one of your cards would be awesome! Let me know what to do...and if you can do it. Your little lamb book marks have been a major success...everyone has loved theirs.

Deanna said...

You do great things with those Copics. You are very creative and talented. Love all of the cards.

Good luck with the summer boredoms. My Grandkids have been out of school for several weeks now and they are already calling wanting to come over here because they are bored. Geeze!

AliceKay said...

These are great looking cards.

Congratulations and the best of luck to Shane.

Very cute Father's Day card. :)

The rest of the cards are really cute, too. You do wonderful work. :)

School dismissed for the summer in our school district just last week. I hope Bella has a great summer.

Sandy said...

Beautiful cards! I'm bracing myself for summer boredom too. Felicia just loves school so much that I am afraid I will have a difficult time occupying her time.

Intense Guy said...

That father's day card looks marvelous!!!

I hope your tooth is all betters!!

Lynn said...

Oh wow love the cards especially the little soldier one, he is so cute, how much would you charge to do a little army one for my son in law when he is done with tech school?? that would be so great for him, let me know ok :o) I hope you have a wonderful weekend HUGS!

Christina said...

love all the pretties! So glad you finally had time to work on stuff and yea for the dental appt.!

Shell~AK Stamper said...

OMG I love all the gorgeous cards that you created!!! Yes you were getting your crafting on!! LOL

Now I know that you weren't really fond of the tree image but I think it has to be my favorite, as you made it look so elegant with the yellow roses and the tiny half pearls.

Congrats to Shane! I know you are really super proud of him and tell Thomas Happy Father's day!!


LadyStyx said...

Your cards are just getting better and better. I love that garden card with the girl in purple. Sometimes, you really don't need to do alot to make it look great.