Saturday, June 18, 2011

LOL Caturday!

(Admit it, this one totally cracked you up!!!)

Happy Caturday!

I'm still struggling over here with my headaches and tooth pain. While I was able to get seen by the dentist, all that got accomplished was taking some x-rays, and a quick look-see. I have to have oral surgery to remove some wisdom teeth, then a couple of fillings, and then a cleaning. BUT FIRST I have to have an oral surgery consult. We have two oral surgeons here. One is on TDY. One is on leave. Until July 11th!!!! That's right...they let the remaining surgeon take leave knowing the only other one was going to be out of the country!! I cannot be seen by an Italian dentist either until I have this consult!! Also, and this is really rich, I can only make an appointment within three calendar days. However soldiers can make appointments weeks and months in advance. So how long do you think it's going to take before I can get one???? I'M IN SERIOUS PAIN and I can't get any work done until I get this "consult". I've had oral surgery in the past and I've never had a consult beforehand. I will be calling the European division for our dependent dental insurance on Monday to see if I can get a waiver or something. Because as it stands now, I will have to wait until July 11th before I can make daily calls to the dental clinic to see if there's an opening or cancellation. Is this some BS or what???? We pay nearly $30 a month, taken out of our pay, for insurance and yet we can't get any service. I'm not a happy camper.....


AliceKay said...

Yes, that's BS alright. I feel for you. I know how bad that pain can get. I had all 4 of my wisdom teeth out when my son was a baby, and had another tooth out a few years ago. My daughter has had her wisdom teeth out, too. We would always have to go for a consult with the oral surgeon first, and then the actual extraction a week or two later. It sucks in your case. I hope something can be done for you sooner than you're saying. *hugs*

Loved the Caturdays, by the way. That last one was a hoot. LOL

Regina said...

Oh Jeannie....I hate that you are hurting and a toothache is the worse. I'm sure you have tried some of the home are a few that might help (all 4 of my wisdom got impacted so I understand) *Rinse with very warm salt water and then use a tea bag over the tooth. *Wet a washcloth and microwave for about 30 seconds..put in a zip lock bag and with thin towel place on side of face where bad tooth is. *Benadryl at bedtime can help too.

I can not believe that they let both go on leave at the same time..not very smart...nope..not at all!!!

Feel better soon and thank you for giving me a smile today with the cats...the lego one is priceless.


ChicagoLady said...

Jeannie, I hope you can get some relief soon!

My favs were the vulcan kitteh, the heetid riclinur, and the bell of shame. All cute choices for today!

Deanna said...

Jeannie, I feel your pain. As someone who has had her share of tooth problems - I really do! That is BS that they allowed this to happen. The very thought of putting up with that kind of pain for weeks more is horrendous! Hopefully they will give you a waiver. Hope you get this resolved MUCH sooner than July 11th!

On another note, thank you so much for the garden card. What a sweet thing to do! And your note inside made both Jim and me smile. Thank you so very much.


Lynn said...

OMG Jeannie, that is so horrible you have to be in pain like that, yes it is all definitely BS!! People just don't care about how others suffer anymore. I sure hope when you call them that they can get something done for you and soon.

Loved the kitties :o) That one biting on the pancake thingy looks really evil LOL

The Kooky Queen--Rachel said...

Oh no!!!!! Tooth pain is misery! I hope it goes away soon! And you officially make me want a cat so I can give it subtitles. :)

Toriz said...

That sucks! I hope you can get some relief soon!

Intense Guy said...


I hope you get some relief soonest - it sounds like the Army... snafu...


I had to giggle at some of these.. and say Amen to no more Oprah!