Thursday, December 31, 2009

Goodbye 2009! HELLO 2010!!!!

Ohmygoodness! Yesterday was just SO.MUCH.FUN!!!! I had nearly 400 comments and 56 new followers!!! Yes, I am actually going to be visiting all you great peeps soon, but probably not today, lol. One, I'm tired and two, I got some great new "rubbah" in yesterday and I can't wait to ink 'em up!!!! But seriously, you guys just rocked my world yesterday and I really appreciated it. Being the featured blogger on SITS is just the bomb. Did you know YOU TOO can be featured? All you have to do is submit your blog to the awesome SITS girls Heather & Tiffany, and then wait a realllllllly long time. Maybe it only seemed long to me because I have no patience???? Winner of my cookbook will be announced tomorrow! STAY TUNED!!

Today is New Year's Eve. I'm really not going to be sad to see 2009 go. It wasn't a totally bad year because this is the year I finally quit smoking for good, and forever and ever!!! I hit the one year mark on February 22! And it's also the year I discovered stamping, and with it Rachel! So yes, I just switched addictions, lol!!!! But it's been one of those long years too. Kind of a rebuilding year, a prep year, a getting ready for big change kind of year. Does that make any sense?? I have big hopes and dreams for 2010!!! I'm claiming it for myself and plan to make use of every moment, every day and make them count!!!! So that's the only resolution I'm going to make, because when you boil it down, it's the only one that matters. Care to join me?? I hope you will!

The following pictures prove that no matter how messy Bella's hair is, or how much cheapo Tinkerbell glitter eyeshadow she gloms on herself......she's STILL gorgeous:
Daddy agrees!
Gotta love The Bella!

Photographic proof of Thomas' love! He worked half-day on Wednesday, and when I got up I found these.....
...on my desk (I watch tons of Dawn's videos!!)...
...on my coffee mug...
...and on the Equal container! Love it!!

Today is Thursday, gosh it's so hard to keep track of the days when everyone is home everyday, lol!!, so here is the regular stuff for De-Stressing!!!
Goodbye and Farewell 2009!!!

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

It’s finally HERE!! My SITS Day!!!

Yes!!! Time for some Happy Snoopy Dancing!! I’m so excited! Does it show? It’s time to PAR-TAY!!!!!!!

Confused? Then you haven’t heard about the incredible community of SITS (The Secret is in The Sauce) run by two fabulous chicks, Heather and Tiffany!! We’re all about leaving tons of comment love on tons of blogs, and searching out incredible, new blogs. I have met so many new friends through this community and have had so many laughs with the awesome pool of writing talent shared within this group. And every day we all get to meet someone new!!! Cool beans! And today it’s my day, day in the sun, time to shine!

So welcome everyone! My name is Jeannie, aka Queenie Jeannie! This title was given to me by my husband Thomas, before we were even married. (Attention single ladies: Go for a military guy!! THEY ARE TRAINABLE!! Just sayin.) Like any hive, there is only ONE Queen, and yeah, that would be me. I’m the boss. And not because I’m bossy (mostly), but because it’s a really tough job and nobody else wants it! I’m a proud Army Wife to Thomas and have been since March 2, 2002. Together we have served through three Iraqi deployments and lots of military career ups and downs. Anyone who is, or has been, in the military knows that as a couple you truly do serve together, even if you don’t wear a uniform. I’m also a proud Mom to three incredible children! Alexandria, my eldest, is 20 and is currently living in Germany. (She’s married to the Doofus. But we aren’t going there today.) Next is my blond-haired, blue-eyed son Shane, 17, who is currently living in Wisconsin with his Father and breaking girl’s hearts left and right. Then there is Isabella, aka The Bella, who is 5. I may be the Queen, but she is definitely The Princess!!! She’s not spoiled, just loved….abundantly!!!

I have been blogging for almost three years, so picking only three posts for today was something of a challenge. So I did a poll, and these are what my “regular” readers picked!

(This post makes more sense in the Prequel, and the Sequel)

I have regular “programming” on my blog as well:
Sun – My Sunday Blessings
Mon – Monday’s Monet Moment
Tue – Great Tip Tuesday
Wed – Inspiring Quotes Wednesday
Thur – De-Stress Thursday
Fri – Date Night Friday
Sat – LOL Caturday

Of course programming is subject to change if I get a wild hair and feel the need to share something special with everyone. Like my epic battles with Charter. Or my super, duper rude neighbors. Or if The Bella has done something especially adorable that day!! You'll also notice those too cute shields at the top of my blog (handiwork of April - blog designer to the stars...and us too!). Click on any one of them to read just on that topic. I blog about...well you know… life stuff,...a lot like yours most likely. I just wear a tiara. Yeah, really. It’s definitely how I roll!

And yes, I DO realize this is already much too long, but I have one last thing! A giveaway!! The requirements? Leave a comment (NO stoopid word verification thingy – yay!!!!) on this post, AND become a follower. Yes, it’s a bribe for more followers. So I’m fabulous AND shallow. I’m totally ok with that. What’s in it for you?? This…

…my cookbook!! If you want to lose weight, or just eat healthier, this is just for you!! Lots of delectable recipes, including pasta dishes, cheesecake, and chocolate delights!!! YUMMY!! My little way of saying thank you for sharing in my special, saucy day!! And I hope you will come back often because southern hospitality rules in my happy world, even if I am NY broad!!!! Enjoy!

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Great Tip Tuesday

Tip for the day: Marry Well!!

(And just for the record, this isn't my wedding cake. Mine was prettier, but this one will do for my post!)

By marrying well, I do not mean marrying into wealth, or into a "great" family. I mean marrying WELL! Marrying a great guy (assuming you're a gal!), who will prove his greatness when it really counts. Not in the mall when he holds your purse, so you can try stuff on - but that's great. Not when he keeps your kids upstairs and quiet, so you can have a girls only Pampered Chef party downstairs - but that's great. Not when he remembers to take out the trash without being nagged, bribed, threatened reminded - but that's great. Nope, I'm talking about important stuff here.

No, a guy's worth is proven on mornings like today. I woke up this morning at just before 6am. And OHMYGOD my head was killing me. You Regulars know that I get really, really, really bad sinus headaches. Often. But this was just crazy bad. As in, I was seriously considering going to the ER bad. Me. Going to the ER. For myself. In jammies that passed their prime five years ago, stinky, bad breath, crazy hair me. And not caring how I looked. Yeah, that bad.

I crawled down the stairs. All fours. Thomas was already up. He saw me. And he:
1. Asked if I needed to go to the ER. I said no...or something.
2. Then he got my Excedrin and Sudafed, without me asking.
3. He made me my tea, without me asking.
4. Helped me off the floor and into my chair, without me asking.
5. Literally held my head together because any second it was going to explode. No joke.
6. He said he was getting cramps in his arms. I said, too bad. He didn't comment or sigh, and kept holding my head.
7. As the meds started working, they started messing with my empty stomache and the nausea was almost worse. He got me some crackers, without me asking.
8. IF I had started puking, which praise God I didn't, he would have held my hair, without me asking. (He's done it before.)
9. He let me go back to bed and sleep as long as I needed to, without me asking.
10. He made me a second cup of tea when I got up a second time, without me asking.

That Ladies, is marrying well!!! Thank you sooooo much Thomas! I love you! AND....I feel so much better now! Whew!!

Stay Tuned Faithful Readers!

Monday, December 28, 2009

Monday's Monet Moment

Happy Monday Everyone!!!

I just ordered this custom stamp for my cards!!
Isn't it awesome?!?!?

And be sure to stay tuned....