Friday, May 22, 2009

IT'S HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh Happy Day!! Oh Joy!!
Yes, I really did call Thomas and make him come home!
See how happy he is to have his lunch interrupted???
Yes, they sent an entire big ole truck just for me, The Queen!
(as it should be!)
Gettin' closer!
450 lbs of soon-to-be crafting goodness!!!
And Thomas helped!
Mr. Norman, FedEx driver extraordinaire!, finds nothing unusual about me needing these photos for my blog. I mean, everyone does this right??? And the neighbors are way jealous!!! ( Tongue Out )
Be careful!!!! (I'm nothing if not a fabulous supervisor!!)
Look how Army Strong my Studmuffin is!!! HOOAH!!!
A nice, neat pile in the garage.
Everything is organized but Thomas' Army stuff.
(Not going to get on his anyway)
Smile for the crazy lady, lol!!!

Thomas will be home around 3pm and then we are setting it up!

Is it 3pm yet????????????

How about now??????


Christina said...

I'm wondering if you can wait until 3:oo? Or will you be ripping open the boxes like a kid on Christmas morning... or in your case, like a mad (but happy) lady? Enjoy! :-)

Jane In The Jungle said...

ALMOST 3:00!!

Anjeny said...

OMG...I am feeling the excitement for you...and I am way over here on the other side of the ocean. Imagine what I would have done if I was waiting right there with I'd be circling those boxes trying to peek inside it..eheheh.

So is it 3 yet? I barely got out of now I'm riddled with anticipation, can't wait to see the finished assembly. Oh yeah, I will most certainly be praying for the no fighting..eheh.

Janelle said...

Whoohooo!! Love the pics with the fedex man! Good luck for a peaceful build... if it's anything like my house, one of you will be building alone (in the name of peace)

Christina said...

LOL even chris laughed at this, just be patient with the hubbs

Anonymous said...

Whoo hoo! Awesome!!

Heatherlyn said...

He didn't look happy in that first picture ... but the hat. Very nice. He looks great in his hat!

You'll have to take some pictures after it is set up. It'll be great. It's such a thoughtful gift!!!

Shauna said...

Hope you have a super weekend!
♥ HUGS ♥

Amy said...

I knew you would have pics thru every step! I bet it's almost together, its getting late. cant' wait to see the final product :)

Ryan Ashley Scott said...

I know it's after 3 now! What was in those boxes?!

Rosie said...

450 pounds of what? Enquiring minds want to know!

nikkicrumpet said...

What an amazing gift...and it looks like the coolest thing ever!!! I can't wait to see how it works out for you.

LadyStyx said...

*waits impatiently for the "It's assembled!" bloggy and corresponding pix*

Vickie said...

I saw the post below, so I don't know about your neighbors, but I am freakin' jealous!!