Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Daily Menu 9-1-09

Day Two!

entree: Blueberry pancake mix made into waffles
fruit: 3/4 cup blueberries
protein: 2 MSF sausage links
2 Tbsp FF cool whip instead of syrup
entree: Black beans and rice, made into a "taco salad"
dairy: 1/4 cup FF cheddar cheese, 4 Tbsp FF sour cream

fruit: 1 cup of raspberries
protein: soy breadsticks

entree: spagetti with meat sauce
veggies (2): sugar snap peas

entree: nacho crisps
dinner fruit: small banana
dinner fat: 1 tsp reduced fat peanut butter

If you should decided to do NS, then DO NOT EVER order the spagetti with meat sauce!!! Ohmygosh it is the most disgusting "food" item in the history of food! I had to gag it down and nearly lost it. Thank goodness I only ordered one! The noodles were really mushy but the bad part was the sauce. It just tasted rancid! Blech! Oh well, Day Two accomplished 100%!!


Brooke said...

it all looks yum! :) sorry the sketti was groty :(

Mighty M said...

Another good day of food. Except the spag. Yuck. Glad you didn't order too many of those!!

jenelljm said...

What we will do to be thinner, LOL, I think I ordered just 1 spagetti too, I hope ! Thank's for the warning ! I am going to try everything than go back before next month and personalize the order !

Kristina P. said...

What a meal! The waffles look amazing.

Janna Bee said...

Good luck- breakfast and lunch looked good but the spaghetti did look suspect to me!

Kat said...

The spaghetti wasn't one of my favorites either - I think all the "red" sauces were wayyyyy over done.

Look into the Fiber Gourmet Pasta. I picked up a few to try from (they had limited choices) and now ordered from Fiber Gourmet directly. I absolutely LOVE this pasta - high in fiber (low net carbs)that tastes pretty darned good. Even my kids (ok I'll be down to one in 3 days) like it and since they don't like whole wheat pastas I'm a happy camper.

Keep up the good work on the meal selections. Get your cookbook (one and started two) and stay focused. You CAN do it.