Friday, August 14, 2009

Friday Hodge Podge

My Blog Rules:
(and how sad is it that this even needs to be addressed??? - AGAIN!)

1. See the title? JEANNIE'S (as in mine, not yours!) HAPPY (as in stress & drama free!) WORLD! Got issues?? Take 'em somewhere else, get therapy, and/or medication.

2. We are an Army family! A PROUD Army family. So if you feel the urge to make stupid comments about our military, please resist. (see number 1)

3. Common sense, courtesy and tolerance go hand in hand with the freedoms we enjoy in this country (provided by and ensured by our military - see number 2!) However, if you come here and tell me how "wrong" I am, and how "bad" my country is, and how "evil" our military is, I'm going to kick your ass!! Figuratively, of course. Trust me, you'll still feel it. AND THEN I'm gonna tell Shannon!!!! Fair warning.

4. The sharing of ideas and opinions, freely and without fear of reprisal, in one of the many things I admire about my country. It's ok if you don't agree with me, or I you. We can politely agree to disagree. Snide, rude, cliched, prejudiced and derogatory comments will not be tolerated. So just take your fight somewhere else. (see number 1)

5. I do not care for our current president. At all. Not even a little bit. He's a Socialist and socialism At all. Not even a little bit. If you want to think he's all that and a bag of chips (crisps for the British), that's fine. Delusional, but fine.

6. Our country is NOT at war to "make money"!! If we were making so much money then why has our economy taken such a hit? (You know, along with the rest of the world?? Do you even READ the news???) And newsflash Dearie, your country was fighting right alongside us. (DUH!!!)

7. Don't like my rules? See number 1, have a nice life, and don't come back!

If you are wondering what's up, then this doesn't pertain to you. But yet ANOTHER wanker came here to stir up crap and I've really, Really, REALLY had enough of it!!! You can see "Wend's" comment on the Obamacare post just below this one to see where this is coming from!
In other news...These are some of the "professional" photos taken during Thomas' NCO of the Quarter ceremony. They are a bit dark and/or blurry, but these were the best of the lot! His next board for NCO of the Year is in about a month. ALL PRAYERS for him are most welcome!
Receiving recognition and yet another Army Achievement Medal (he now has 14!!!)
Other people were getting recognized too...but I don't recall for what. Our military ROCKS!!!
So do our veterans and civilian volunteers!!!
Click to enlarge this picture!
The "camels" you are seeing are really the shadows. The camels can be seen at the base of each shadow. Isn't this a cool picture???
Some new cards...
Another pop up card. This isn't "brown", but actually a shiny, metallic gold! I couldn't get a picture that properly captured it. It turned out really great though.
My friend Nancy lost two sisters to this horrible disease. Please go HERE, to see their family's page and read about the incredible sisters that Nancy lost. If you feel moved to, please consider making a tax deductible donation while you are there!!! Every person can make a difference!
Cute Story Alert!

Lizzie, from Infectious Chatter, sent me the cutest email last night!! She has a too cute daughter as well and they always watch my videos of The Bella. Lizzie was telling her daughter how Bella is going to be seen by a bunch of agents in November and hopes to be on tv or the movies some day. Well apparently that made a BIG impression on her daughter!! She overheard her daughter say to another girl at school, "I know someone famous, her name is Bella, she's a super star!" Oh my God!! How cute is that??? It still cracks me up! Well Lizzie, from her mouth to God's ears I guess!
Make it a great day everyone!


Christina said...
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Cherie said...

You totally GO girl!!!!!
You defend your blog the way your hubby defends our country - Good Job :D

Congratulations on all the recognition and medals your husband received. You must be so proud and rightfully so!

That picture of the camels is TOO cool. I made it big but I had to look at it for a minute or two before I could make out the real camels - that is a really neat picture!!

Have a wonderful TGIF!!

Lizzie said...

so can's believe you had to repost that "this is my blog" thing again?! what is up??? i don't see you saying offensive things, why am i not cool enough to have someone say smack on my blog!? i wanna be controvertible too!!

Wait till i tell my daughter SHE'S famous now for being mentioned on your blog!!! :)

have a wonderful day and congrats to your honored hubby

Mighty M said...

I like the cards and I promise to follow your rules!! :-) Happy Friday!!

Kristina P. said...

I am still loving the cards! You do such a great job!

Sorry about the sh*t stirrer again!

Debbie said...

In related happy news, I've been busy and absent for a few days so I know it wasn't me that upset you! Good for you for stating the rules.

Stephanie Faris said...

It's your blog, your rules. People don't get it. This is how I always explained it:

Say you go to Wendy's for lunch. You have a bad experience. You get up and ask for the manager. The manager comes out. You start screaming at the manager that your burger was awful and he's a worthless piece of crap and all of the problems in the world are HIS fault. Then he kicks you you go telling people that manager is censoring your opinion.

Did he censor your opinion? No. You had every right to state it...but he had every right to kick you out because it was his restaurant and he was being an ass. I dealt with this almost weekly over on MySpace and people still didn't get it. You try to keep your blog a safe, comfortable zone where people can feel free to express their opinions without being personally attacked and what happens? Somebody personally attacks you or one of your readers. I think I always had more of a problem with someone attacking one of my readers than me. The reader is innocent...just came in to leave a comment and express an opinion.

Anyway, anytime you're in a public forum there are going to be jerks. Just be thankful people here are more mature than they were on some other sites I've been on. I'd regularly wake up to someone having spammed my comments with 250 pictures of naked male body parts.

Yaya said...

"I know someone famous" how cute is that??

You tell 'em sister! Go USA! Yay for Thomas!

Have a great weekend Jeannie!


I love your cards more and more. Watch your mail....I have sent you a prize. I am sorry to hear about the scurve of the earth who messed with you. Some people can be such jerks. All I have to say about your post is Amen sister....Amen!

Deanna said...

Go Jeannie! I totally agree with every single word you say. I, too, do not care for this President. Not one single bit. And I am sick and tired of people saying the all of these town hall fiascos is racially motivated. I'm not even sure what makes him our "first black president" - he is 1/2 white after all. Color has nothing to do with it. It is his policies and the road to socialism that he is taking us down. I will leave it at that. I follow a blog that gives me the leftist point of view and I try to respect her opinions. That is only right. You are on the money. It is your blog and that is that!

As far as your cards go. Hallmark should put you on the payroll - they'd be money ahead.

Cute story. Love kids being kids. They say the darndest things.

Anjeny said...

You are absolutely right. This is your happy place...I know there's always going to jerks and bitches out there who just want to create problem because they haven't matured yet.

I'm not American but my hubby and kids are...I've always been the biggest fan of USA and I love everything about it. The people in the military are among my most admired and favorite people on this planet, I admire their courage and what they're doing to make this country the great one it is so that people like me can also benefit from the great country.

Congratulation Thomas for the award and big mahalo from the bottom of my heart for all that you do for this great nation. Not a big fan of Obama, I have very strong negative opinion of him but I'm going to keep to myself but I love this country. ROCK...keep standing up for your beliefs, don't let anyone drag you down.

Love the cards and best of luck with Bella on her road to stardom.

babyrocasmama said...

Shannon here, reproting for duty. LOL Why will these people NEVER learn?

Great cards. You are very talented. off to go kick some British ass. Maybe they will finally get out of MY HOME country, Ireland? Do not mess with this Crazy Irish Mama or her friends...just sayin...

Should I go get medieval on her ass or just Celtic? LMAO

Stupid people should not spew if they do not have the facts. This is why I want it to be legal to kill the free range stupid.

God Bless America! freedom is NEVER free.


blueviolet said...

I wonder if card making is as expensive as scrapbooking is. I sure hope not! I'm a sucker for everything I see in the stores so I try not to go.

He has 14 medals already? Holy cow! Can he stand up under all that weight? Congrats to your man!

Kris said...

Tell 'em how it is! Oh yeah...and since my brother is a Marine I have to send out a big OO-Rah and thank all of our service people. Without you this country is nothing.

Vickie said...

Yay Thomas!!

Your cards are fantastic Jeannie!! I am just blown away on how crafty you are getting!!

The Rambler said...

Oh Jeannie...people always amaze me. Will the madness every end? worries on the rules. I'm a good girl. :)

And LOVE your new cards.

Cassie said...

Holy Macaroni! You go girl. She had no right to deface your lovely blog with a comment like that!

Way to go Thomas!

And I ♥ ♥ the pop up card!

AliceKay said...

I read Thomas' response to the person who left the comment in your last post with the utmost respect for him. He deserves many medals...for defending our country and for defending his family. Well done, Thomas. Great pictures of the men and women getting the recognition they all deserve.

Nice cards.

Cool pic of the camels. :)

Heatherlyn said...

I think people who disagree with blogs and then post rude comments about them have serious passive-aggressive issues. Or maybe just issues.

KatCollects said...

Congratulations to Thomas, I know you are so very proud of him!!! I showed Matthew the pictures of him and he said "wow, he is really decorated", more army talk right, lol. What would I do without you and all my million questions : ) I recognize that butterfly card, LOVE it!

Funny in my mind said...

Amen to # 5!
Stopping over from Deanna's blog. We share an award.
I will be back!