Saturday, April 12, 2008

Even DOGS are my fans!!! LOL!

OK, this is the cutest story

First of all I got the cookbook this morning. Thank You it is
beautiful. Now I need to quit being lazy and actually cook!!!!

But anyway everyday on our way home from our walk. (Me &
my dog Lucy) we stop at the mail box. It is about 3 houses down
from ours. My mother and DH mother always send Lucy goodies
and bones in those bubble envelopes (we have not given them
grandchildren yet so they shower goodies on the granddog)
Well she knows those envelopes are hers and she carries them
in her mouth all the way home from the mailbox. It is the
cutest thing ever. And this morning she thought the cookbook
was hers!!! But I couldnt let her carry it, I was afraid she would
hurt it with her teeth. But she was jumping all over trying to get
it. So apparently she is excited about the cookbook also !!!

Thank Again

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